MYN The Underground Welcome to the Underground: Volume 16

This may very well be my favorite edition of Welcome to the Underground yet. So much bass music I coulda put this in my Moar Bass post (new edition coming soon). Anyway, you’re going to hear a couple of our old friends at MYN like Kayzo and Nexus, and then some fresh blood that I am dying for you to hear. First up us Moduloktopus, but I’ll let you read about him below as he has the featured track of the week. Then you have guys like Dynamat, Knight Crime, Madera, and much more. I’ve mixed up the variety a bit, but you’ll hear mostly bass inspired tracks, so turn up the subs and enjoy.


Featured Track: 

Roxiny – Belong (Moduloktopus Dissonant Space Remix)

Roxiny Welcome to the Underground: Volume 16

Moduloktopus takes this gorgeous track from Roxiny, and turns it into a nasty, wobbly, bassy mess that is a pleasure to listen to. A little grime and and a little dnb flavor, it brings a true bass music feel. I had not heard about Moduloktopus before this remix, and I can tell you that I will be following him from now on. Love this stuff.




Gilt Trip, an underground duo from the Bay Area and originally from Chicago, sent us a mix that is their signature freestyle sound that fuses all things bass with trap, juke, dubstep, and some of their own flavor. Grab it below and enjoy icon smile Welcome to the Underground: Volume 16