Thursday aelian Tipsy Tree Thursdays! w/ Aelian

Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need.  This week I’m featuring French producer Aelian.  Real name, Etienne, mostly produces Dubstep, but he also has very popular Moombahton and Drum and Bass tracks that I’ll also be featuring.

His latest production is titled Hat Trick.  It’s a heavy Dubstep track that highlights an island vibe.  This dance ready tune has a great main melody and is accompanied by some engaging percussion.   It’s a free download, so grab it below!

Continuing with the Island theme, check out this reggae inspired Dubstep remix of Skrillex and Damian Marley’s Make It Bun Dem.  The original has some extremely catchy lyrics and hooks, so Aelian’s challenge was to keep the vocals relevant while bringing some bass to the back-end.   I love the dirty bass mixed with the fast rapping.  Super awesome and another free download.

Another project that Aelian works on is called Spoon Data with producer Catwool.  This is really cool because it not only showcases how Aelian collaborates with others, it’s also Electro House!  Their latest track is titled Wild Spoon.   It has an amazing leading synth line with an almost, funky bass.  It has the occasional vocal samples sprinkled throughout as well.  It’s a free download through their facebook page.

Looking for some drum and bass? Well here you go! Titled Fracture, this quick tempo instrumental will bounce beats all around your room.  I absolutely love the melody on this. It reminds me of a Final Fight or F-Zero game sound track, and that’s totally awesome.  Put the volume on 11 and blast this.

If you jumped in this post for some Moombahton, here’s the track you were looking for.  Appropriately titled, Cave Funk is here ready to get your after-hunting-and-gathering party started.  Really, I see this track as an opener for your night.

I really can’t wait to see what Aelian has in store for 2013.  These tracks are so massive, clean, and professional.  Somebody give him an EP deal!

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