touche wildhorses prefabsproutcover *New Track* Touché   Wild Horses (Prefab Sprout cover)

Hey, everyone! I bring to you a fantastic cover done by Touché of the song “Wild Horses” by Prefab Sprout. This band consists of just two members: Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore. They’ve each done a tremendous amount of backup instrumentation and vocals for other various artists and groups. Alex has recorded background vocals for The Bird and the Bee, Ry Cooder, and Nick Lowe, and Bram has recorded live bass and keyboard instrumentals for Thurston Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Beck among others. Bram is also currently a member of another group called Twin Shadow.

This cover is just plain awesome in my opinion. It totally captures the spirit of the original recording while bringing its own unique style to the playing field. I love when artists are able to do that. Imagine the original song, which has a strong late-eighties/early-nineties feel, just a bit more relaxed and minimalistic. It’s so soothing, and it’s easily one I’ll have on replay for a few days at least! Check out this great cover below.

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