Just in case the world doesn’t end on December 21st, you might want to have a back-up plan for New Year’s Eve. Might I suggest Sea of Dreams? (No? Well, I’m gonna suggest it anyway.)

AnonEvents and SunsetSF bring to you a LunaSEA themed night of weirdness and debauchery at the Concourse Center in San Francisco. From 8pm to 4am, indulge yourself in lunacy and get down to all sides of the music spectrum. Inspired by the Burning Man community, Sea of Dreams has been the preferred New Year’s Eve event for people all over California for the past twelve years. With an impressive roster of artists, boasting favorites like Shpongle’s Quixotic Masquerade (umm, yes please!), Pumpkin, Trentemoller, Worthy, and from out of left field, (but certainly welcomed by me, at least) Gogol Bordello, I don’t think I have to do much work to sell you on it.

But in case you need more convincing… There will be cabaret, circus performers, over 50 pieces of inflatable art (WHAT THE HELL IS BETTER THAN THAT?), confetti, and enough weirdos (the good kind) to make your inner freak come out and feel right at home.

Since you’re going (let’s be real) I’ll give you a little heads up on artists that you DO NOT want to miss.

I don’t care what you listen to, this band is more fun a room full of glitter-filled balloons and a safety pin. They have incredible energy and front-man Eugene Hutz is arguably one of the raddest people on the planet, with a voice as awesome as his mustache. (Side note, he acts! He stars in the film Filth and Wisdom, which was directed by Madonna. It’s pretty good. Check it out. He has a great accent.)

Just go. You’ll thank me later.

I have seen this man perform more times than I could count and every single time I leave aching and sweaty because I am physically incapable of stopping myself from dancing (I have tried it and I never last more than 45 seconds before I end up bopping all over the place again). Not to mention he is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever encountered, always standing in the crowd after his set with a smile on his face. Also, he gives great hugs, and that always gets extra points from me.

This is something that I will personally come to your house and slap you if you miss. (I swear, I’m not normally violent, but I want to stress this one.) This is not one of those things that you just happen upon on a Thursday night. So trust me, you’ll want to see it. And you’re gonna want to be up close.

Because they are SO COOL.

Because Worthy is the shit, duh.

Convinced? Thought so. Your next step is to buy your tickets! After that, break out your silly hats, face paint, and costumes, It’s time to get weird and celebrate 2013! (Unless, of course, the world ends. In which case all of this is irrelevant and we’ll either all be dead or kicking it The Road  style and foraging for food while protecting ourselves from weird cannibal gangs and shit.)

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