takeabreak Take a Break: Volume 3

Welcome back to this week’s session of “Take a Break!” For the third installment, we’ll be listening to tracks from Trifonic, RL Grime, Walk Off the Earth, Mr. FijiWiji, and Kubbi. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have some finals coming up really soon, and I could definitely use a break from school activities. Anyways, I’ve got a good set for you guys this week, so you’re gonna want to stick around and hear these awesome tracks!!

First up, Trifonic recently released a new album called “Ninth Wave!” This album is full of tremendously chill and unique tracks to grace your ears. My personal favorites are “Life In Here” and “Calling,” but they are all very good. The vocal features by BRML are just buttery and mix gloriously with the already smooth melodies of the songs. The whole album is available to stream on Soundcloud, so I’ve provided the set below!

Next we’ve got a remix by RL Grime of Shlohmo’s “The Way U Do.” If you like chill music and you like trap music, then you’re going to absolutely adore this mix of both of those genres. It is a bit repetitive, but in this case, that is definitely a good thing. Chilltrap seems to be a little more rare these days among the other genres of music, and this track is a prime example of why I think there should be so much more of it!!

If you enjoy indie or reggae music, you’re gonna love the vibes coming from “Summer Vibe” by Walk Off the Earth. The minimalist progression and simple bouncing guitar strums along with the super positive lyrics embody everything about reggae music. This track reminds me of many good memories I have with past summers. If you’re feeling down and want a little nostalgia along with some good vibes, take a listen to this song and feel uplifted!

Next up is a really chill electronic track by Mr. FijiWiji called “The Mentalist.” I could seriously listen to this one on repeat for hours. It’s so calming. If you need to unwind and drift off into your thoughts, look no further than this song right here. It’s good study music, ambient background music, and just plain good in general. Listen to it once or twice (or a million times on repeat if you want) right here!

Last but certainly not least, I bring you “Concrete” by Kubbi. This track is quite interesting to me. It’s got a nice unique mix of drums, vocals, piano, and chiptune sounds! It totally reminds me of an 8-bit video game song from long ago, which is what the artist was going for I believe. Along with all the unique sounds, it’s also very easy to listen to. It’s got a very interesting time signature that adds to the quirkiness in a great way. This piece is probably the most diverse and out-of-the-ordinary among all the tracks today, but I totally love that about it. Check it out below.

This ends Volume 3 of “Take a Break!” I’ll be with you all next Tuesday to bring you more unique and chill tracks. Until then, stay relaxed! December seems to be a busy month for everyone. Just try to remember that with all the work and chaos that may be going on, you gotta take a break every once in awhile!!