Fuuuu, I have been waiting for this shit for wayyy too long, but yet, finally here it is! Responsible for one of my favorite opening sets of all time, Smasheltooth Tiger has just sent us her Attack of the 50ft Tiger MYN Exclusive Mix, featuring tracks from the likes of E-40, Diplo, Smasheltooth herself, and more. This lady plays a variety of throwback hyphy tracks, while mixing in some thick dubstep and heavy trap tunes that absolutely destroy dance floors.

Currently residing in Santa Cruz, CA, the land of the hippies, she has been involved with music and production for a good amount of time now, and has consistently perfected her craft as she has progressed through her career. I was honored when Ashley D agreed to this mix, because you can tell whenever she touches her turntables that she’s ready to excite and entertain her audience. Please enjoy this Exclusive Mix from Smashetooth!

Bonus: Smasheltooth took the time to send us a recent interview she did that really delves into who she is as a human being and not just a talented artist. Take some time to read her responses while you listen to her blissfully grimy and bassy hour long mix, you definitely won’t regret it.


Kill It by Clyde Carson

Run Up Get Done Up by Crime Mob (Sines remix)

Aww Naw ft. 2 Chainz, Cory Mo & Mr. Bobby Marley by Attitude

Going in Hard ft. Dominique Young Unique by Branko (Starfoxxx remix)

Pimpin Smokin Dro ft. E-40 by Los Rakas (Boats remix)

Laffy Taffy by D4L

Dis Iz Why I’m Hot by MIMS ft. Die Antwoord (Zef remix)

Kingston Town Instrumental by Alborosie

Young by Young Dro ft. Jose Guapo

Money Up by Top Billin & DJ Venum

High Five by Rittz (Indaskyes remix)

You Mad Bro by Kaw

Flowerz ft. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown by Diplo & DJA

Shmokin (Shmokey Shmokey) by Flip Major

Rub A Dub by YP and King Louie

Ridin’ Out (Bugg’n Bootleg) by TNGHT & P Solja (Lenkemz remix)

Crack the Window by Yheti (Taso VIP Remix) vs. Smasheltooth vs. Bring It Back by 8Ball & MJG

Woop by DVNNY SETH (Prod. Jepordise III)

Tun Up by Cham ft. O (Smashelthoven remix)

My Posse’s on Broadway by Sir Mix-a-Lot

Numb ft. Killer Reese by M!NT

West Coast Bounce ft. Timbaland by Indaskyes

Syrup ft. Smasheltooth by Wyatt Purp

Put it Deh by CeCile

Tuck In ft. Ras Attitude by David Banner (Stepwise remix)

Big Money ft. Backbone (Indaskyes & Mikey Pear Tree remix)

Break Her Down by Iamsu! ft. P-Lo

Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx ft Ying Yang (Muppet Punk remix)

Nasty ft. Bad Lucc &E-40 by Problem

Swaggin W.T.F??!! by Wayne Marshall, Future Fambo & Tifa

Early Morning by Amber London

How does a pretty white girl end up mixing hardcore hip-hop?

For the flattery and fame, obviously. Naw… Since I was in highschool I’ve been working for big sound companies, like JK Sound in SF and California Sound and Lighting in San Diego. I have always been surrounded by DJs and sound equipment, and started a drum and bass and hip hop vinyl collection when I was in college. However I couldn’t match a beat until about 4 years ago, but I’ve been doing comedic theater on stage since I was a little girl… I worked in the porn industry when I was living in LA as an editor and it made “hardcore” sexuality seem like a normal way of life for me, even though I am now in my life very sensitive with my personal space.  I have always loved punk music and see a similar vein in “hardcore hip-hop”… I like the shock factor and the anti-establishment content of the lyrics and I’ve always loved 808 beats since I heard my first Too Short album “Short Dog’s in the House” in 1990 when I was in elementary school.  Sometimes I take the severity of the content and alchemize it into something fun and humorous, other times I write rap lyrics on my billboard in my studio and try to memorize them to help me in my daily life. Rap music was birthed from a history of African culture and the effect slavery and rising above it had in America, and I love the storytelling element which stems from the struggle and rise of this often times still oppressed populace… I’ve worshipped their music and the gritty sexual root chakra survival elements of it from a young age even though I’ve always been a nerdy white girl. Playing it out in the electronic scene only happened because as a club-goer I never heard what I wanted to hear at electronic venues, which was that sexy 808 BUMP (Matty G and 6-Blocc were on it already) and the brilliant lyrical content of rap music.

How do you classify your music?

Wow, I am really anti-genre. I kind of go blindly into what I’m playing, I listen to a song and if I like it I’ll play it. I started out trainwrecking dubstep mixed with rap music, then I got turned onto glitch hop mixed with rap music, then I guess I started playing trap music which I didn’t even know I was playing until Marty Party did an interview in which he said he enjoyed me as his opener and that I was a collector of “future bass music” known as trap music. I play what I like to hear, sometimes I’ll throw in some ancient throw backs and get stupid doo doo dumb, so I’ll call it hyphystep, or clownstep. Whatever I’m feeling like in the moment. I try to have fun with all this because I think the DJ poker face thing doesn’t fit with the times. I think we have big responsibilities when we start putting ourselves on a public platform and connecting with an audience. Truth and vulnerability are in and ego is so yesterday.

Do your parents like your music?

No but they’ve always been really supportive of everything I do, to my surprise. Both my dad and mom have come seen my shows, my dad saw a kind of flub show, and my mom saw a big show that I did with Myka 9 from Freestyle Fellowship and my Bad Bitch Brigade when we opened for LowRyderz on my birthday. She wrote me an email after the show that said she enjoyed watching me play and thought the scene was one of love and friendship. She also finally realized why I’m so exhausted all the time, from the stress of the show, alcohol, people, and late nights, and having to concentrate in the midst of chaos. Its always such a relief when people I love understand why I’m so tired and unavailable on a daily basis at this point in my life. Raging is my job.

Which giant’s shoulders do you stand on?

First I would have to say Little John of Raindance Presents. He is a huge giant who’s been responsible for so much of our west coast bass culture. He’s bled, sweat, and probably cried a road for all of us newbies finding ourselves in a family after being lost in the world for so long. He gave me my first set at Freaker’s Ball (Santa Cruz) and it was such a great turn out. We brought a carton of champagne and popped a bottle every time I train wrecked (the carton was empty at the end of the set). He also supported me when I got my plug pulled at Raindance Campout in 2009, when the sound guy found my lyrics too offensive and decided to shut me off, which was the best worst thing that ever happened to me and totally catapulted my career. Second, Mac Dre because he knows how to mask seriousness with comedy so people actually listen, and third my friend and amazing life artist and singer Rodleen Getsic, who doesn’t give a flying fuck what other people think about her and is an open channel to art, prayer, and music… I admire her for trusting herself always.

Which programs do you use to mix?

I use Serato to mix. Serato is kind of my baby blanket and I should expand my repetoire, but I can’t stand using Ableton because I have to limit the songs that I play and I like to have the freedom to use my entire library and freestyle during my live sets. I like using turntables because they’re like driving Volvos, they feel all slow and safe and steady. “Cages, Wages, n Sages” was the first mix I’ve ever done in Ableton and so its so fresh and so clean. However, I’m not fond of perfection; I like the human element of a one-take go but that’s becoming an old-fashioned mentality. I think old-fashioned is revolutionary these days.

When is your preferred time to produce?

Lately I’m learning that when I’m home the day is best for production. I think this is because I turn into a pumpkin at night because I’ve been playing so much out lately that when I have the night to myself I prefer to take bongloads and lie around like a beached whale stuffing my face because its so damn luxurious. After being out 3 nights a week raging face because I am an all or nothing kinda gal, I like waking up early, taking my dog for a walk and getting coffee like a normal person. These days and mornings are the best time for production, when I can get a little yang after all the yin.

Which track was your favorite to mix?

My favorite track is one nobody has heard yet coming out on a new Smashdaskyes (me and Indaskyes from San Jose) EP… its a tribute to the West Coast and it makes my panties all in a bunch just thinking about it… stay tuned! My other go-to tracks are “AHHHHH SHIT” by E-40 and Indaskyes and Mikey Pear Tree’s Backbone remix of “BIG MONEY.”

Its 3:30 AM in a diner, you order…..?

I’m usually not hungry at 3:30 am because I’m too high on uppers and they don’t serve dranks at 3:30 so I’d probably be at a house party, but if I was just drunk or pregnant I’d probably get a turkey sandwich with chips and a pickle!

What are your favorite possessions?

My music collection, my fiance Andrew the Pirate, my dog Gretel, my manager Steve Emmerich from Fresh Bakin’, my garter belt with attached amenities I’ve had since my first Burning Man, my toy pointers, my hyphy sunglasses made by Timmy Traylor, and my bubble guns. You don’t want to be around me if I can’t find one of them.

What colors do you think are fresh right now?

I will forever dig red white n blue. I love to rep America because its like an awesome fucked up child that has potential but just needs to be loved. I like the color combo of red white n blue with the stars and stripes. I think its because the American Dream was my first Burning Man and it really changed my life and I ate so much acid that the colors and patterns of the flag just stuck in my brain forever.

Explain what happens in your mind when you prepare for a show.

I pray before every show. My dieties are The Mother Mary, Jesus, and Mac Dre. I pray that I am an open channel to receive and exude whatever energy is best for the highest good of all in the room. I know it sounds so cheesy but I really just want to be an open channel when I am performing. I really take my role as a performer seriously, there is big responsibility when you put yourself in front of a large crowd. Its really important for me to connect with the audience and make them feel welcome and happy and loved. We all deserve that when we go out to a show to reward ourselves with some partying after working all day. I don’t like being ignored by people, especially when they’re on a stage. I saw Bob Dylan live once and thought he was such a jerk because he didn’t look at the audience once. I really love the music I play so I try to show that to the audience. I like to bring love into a room even though I’m playing gangster music most of the time. Gangster music comes from love just like everything else in the world.

Latest book read, movie watched, or musician heard that got your respect.

I just saw Midnite perform in Santa Cruz. The singer, Vaughn Benjamin, really connects to his lyrics and to the crowd. He basically meditates on stage by singing. I was in such a horrible mood before going there… Seeing Midnite totally turned me 180 degrees… their energy and wisdom genuinely heal me and reminded me to appreciate my position in life: to “love the life I live and live the life I love.” I love his lyric from “Rasta to the Bone”: “It is an honor to blow the trumpet in a vocal tone”… for me it is an honor to blow the trumpet in a DJ tone… there is so much to be said in the type of music I play… that’s why when people are offended by it it really bothers me. Even if its not pleasant to hear, you can’t just sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. We need to hear what is being said in mainstream media because it reflects contemporary global and national issues.

Any upcoming collaborations?

As I said, I am working on a 6 track EP with Indaskyes from San Jose. He’s my favorite producer so I’m trying to do as much with him as possible before he blows up. Check out our song “Go Girl” at www.soundcloud.com/smasheltooth. I’m also really hoping to do a collab with Muppet Punk (formerly Synthascience). Also me and DJ Jocelyn from Club Exotica have some songs in the works. Today’s dream collabs are with DJ Fresh, Traxamillion, An-Ten-Nae, Spaceghost Purrp with Amber London, and Marty Party.

Complimentary round-trip ticket anywhere, you go where?

Antarctica, to see the penguins.

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