On this particularly wet and rainy Sunday this producer that I want to introduce you to has some music that feels quite at home on a day like today, moody and laidback. ViLLΛGE is his name and he is a little known producer from Romania. I would tell you more about him but there isn’t much to tell as far as I could find. He is from Galatia, Romania his real name is Vali Dragomir and he has a dark, brooding sound reminiscent of R&B with a heavier, downtempo dub-style feel to it. So far he has released several singles, remixes or edits, and his Takeover EP which you can pick up for the great price of “Name your price” at Origami Sound. Beyond these small few tidbits I couldn’t find out much about this bedroom producer who seems poised to take off at any moment with his own brand of downtempo, R&B influenced, chillstep. Listen and see for yourself the talent of the man who calls himself ViLLΛGE.

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