Trap and Boysnoize Records. Yes, that’s correct! This newest EP, Gorilla Juice, from a group that you’ve probably never heard of,Trapmasters, hails from Hamburg and are releasing their first EP through a label typically known for techno heavy productions, Boysnoize Records. The four tracks on this EP are easily defined by the Trap genre, and yet they stand out as something fresh and new for the high production quality and elements that are all together different from probably most of the trap you’ve heard as of late. There four tracks “Hey Clarinette”, “Flufftrap”, “Real Ice”, and “Chimpanzky” clearly contain elements of trap and yet they are super minimal; each component of each track is just done so well and isn’t over done in any way. The other elements present here are weird synths and Hip-Hop inspired vocal cuts that make you want to put on your best dancing shoes and your ugliest rave face possible. This is so different from what I would expect to come out of Boysnoize Records and yet it feels right at home. Set for release tomorrow Dec. 3rd through Boysnoize Records. Pick it up and play it loud the way it should be.

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