TinyTorturesVideo *New Video* Flying Lotus   Tiny Tortures

Enduring the acid-tinged hallucinations of the digital-age, this slow-motion trip explores the relationship between humans and machines.

Off of his newest album Until the Quiet Comes, Flying Lotus gifts us with this video to his track Tiny Tortures. Directed by David Lenandowsky and featuring everyone’s favorite hobbit, Elijah Wood, this video is as hauntingly beautiful as the song that it accompanies. The cinematography, brought to you by Christian Sprenger (who has worked with other artists, such as The Black Keys, Cold War Kids, and Tenacious D), is nothing short of spectacular. Sprenger pairs beautiful lighting and vivid, swirling colors, to produce a surreal, dreamlike video that leaves you both wanting more and feeling perfectly satisfied. The visual effects, done by Dustin Bowser, are also beyond noteworthy, with floating coins, shattered glass, and toys moving across the screen beautifully and elegantly. I don’t want to spoil it too much, though. So press play. Your ears (and eyes) will thank you.

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