MYN Flashback Fridays Flashback Fridays w/ Felix da Housecat, Oliver Huntemann, and Armin Van Buuren

Flashback Fridays is back and more explosive than ever. It’s been a while, so to refresh your memory we are heading deep into the 90’s for some good music all over the world. This one primarily features House, Techno, and Trance. Have a fantastic Flashback Friday!

Felix da Housecat

felixdahousecat featured Flashback Fridays w/ Felix da Housecat, Oliver Huntemann, and Armin Van Buuren

Felix da Housecat is one of those names that has etched itself into house music. He is part of the ever-popular second wave of house musicians coming out of Chicago, which by many measures is the birthplace of house music with Frankie Knuckles performing in actual warehouses giving the genre its name. Felix got his start when he met acid house producer DJ Pierre at the age of 15. He released his first track soon after and eventually went on to playing in Europe in the 90’s. He started his own record label, Radikal Fear Records, which has seen releases from the likes of DJ Sneak and Armando. He’s written and producer for and alongside some pop stars, classic EDM artists, and even rappers like P. Diddy with whom he performed at Winter Music Conference with. His music has been in video games and the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang all the while continuing to produce new work. Felix is extremely talented and his history with the scene makes him hard to forget.

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Oliver Huntemann

Oliver Huntemann Phonanza FM November Chart Flashback Fridays w/ Felix da Housecat, Oliver Huntemann, and Armin Van Buuren

Oliver Huntemann has been a force in the electronic music scene in his own right for as long as any one. As a child, he played around with belt-driven turntables so he has been around for all the innovations to DJ equipment one could experience. In the late eighties, after training in electronic engineering with the German Navy, he began to organize acid house parties in Germany. Although a lot of his tracks are heavily techno sounding he has gone through many phases in his career. He proclaims himself a master of trance, techno, and progressive house. In the 90’s he experimented with some breakbeat and dub some of which started in Eastern Germany. His recordings have been influential all over; he’s worked with Stephan Bodzin, Sven Vath and Dubfire to name a few.

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Armin Van Buuren

Armin+van+Buuren+presents+Gaia+ArminVanBuuren Flashback Fridays w/ Felix da Housecat, Oliver Huntemann, and Armin Van Buuren

Trance’s golden boy, Armin Van Buuren has been destroying festivals and memorizing audiences all over the world for so long it amazes me how he is still able to create so much excitement about each set he plays. Of course he is and will always be a Trance favorite, but Armin means so much more to the scene than most artists because of the way he has globally shaped the popularity of Electronic Dance Music. If I took the time to list every award or accolade he has received during his career, this article would never end. He’s one of those rare DJ’s that grew his name from the ground up when the scene was underground with his productions and his sets and since then he is the force behind the international popularity of EDM. There’s rarely a festival in the world that can ignore the enormous pull Armin Van Buuren brings. His A State of Trance shows have been so influential to the trance community, that whenever his group gets together to do a radio show, they literally invade whatever city they are in with an army of followers. Armin is not one of the DJ’s that can be accused of “pressing play” even at the smallest of shows. He makes everyone feel like they matter and that we are all part of something greater than any one person including himself. The amount of respect he commands from new listeners to old, truly shows you that he is a special kind of DJ and that his place in this scene should never be forgotten.

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