20121116 recreation1 *Event Review* RE:Creation: Foreign Beggars | NastyNasty | Antiserum | 1015 Folsom

After some technical difficulties the site is back in action and tales of wild San Francisco nights are here once again for your reading pleasure!

Friday, November 16th I found myself bursting with excitement to attend this event. Not only would I be seeing the Bay Area debut of some hip hop/grime legends, but a whole slew of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time would be joining the ranks with me. With a full car of SF homies and out of town festie friends alike, I drove down to 1015 Folsom in the pouring rain. Thankfully we found a parking spot about a block away, a godsend in San Francisco! I’ve come to realize that people don’t really start showing up for anything in the city until 11pm or midnight, hence a non-existant line when we arrived.

neba 1015 front1 *Event Review* RE:Creation: Foreign Beggars | NastyNasty | Antiserum | 1015 Folsom

Nebakaneza rocking the front room

The front room at 1015 is always welcoming with a sensual pink glow emanating from opaque X’s that make up the ceiling. The dance floor is rocked by an elevated DJ booth surrounded by a plush and intimate lounge. A circular bar off to the side makes it easy to grab drinks when the place really starts to fill out. This front area also had a visionary art gallery off to one side showcasing local talents like Jeremiah Allen Welch and Dela. If you’ve never been to 1015 before, make sure to change that as soon as possible. The place is an easily navigable maze of five rooms making up three stories of spacious yet intimate dance areas.

1015 *Event Review* RE:Creation: Foreign Beggars | NastyNasty | Antiserum | 1015 Folsom

Main Room

After grabbing a few drinks we moved into the main room to catch the last few minutes of Mophono’s set. His sound struck me as a sort of industrial glitch with a very experimental flair to it. I kept thinking back to Eskimo’s sets. Right before NastyNasty came on I ran up stairs to meet up with a friend who had just arrived. I was ecstatic that I entered the room when I did because R/D was throwing down a sensational set. With an EP set to be released only days later, R/D was busting out tons of fresh material that danced around electro, trap, dubstep, moombahton and more. You can check out the Turn It Up Tuesday article on that EP here. The upstairs room at 1015 has it’s own unique flair. To the right of the DJ booth is a lounge that wraps around two stripper poles on elevated platforms. Complete with it’s own bar and bathrooms, I found it hard to leave this room multiple times throughout the night.

After rocking out for a good minute we all realized…..”Wait….NastyNasty is ON!” and ran down to the main floor to see this funky bass master live up to his name. Throughout this festival season I’ve seen NastyNasty perform five times and have considered his sets some of the best of each event. At a time when tons of producers are turning away from their usual style and embracing trap, NastyNasty portrays that genre in his own unique style. It’s always refreshing to know that he is laying down live sets, not sitting behind a laptop mixing in popular trap hits like many have been doing lately. Let’s not forget his infectious energy and ability to get the crowd going absolutely insane. With a huge grin on his face he gleefully bobs to the beat while conducting pure hip hop laser bass energy straight through his finger tips. After seeing this man perform so many times it makes me so happy to realize every set is new and original.

nasty nasty *Event Review* RE:Creation: Foreign Beggars | NastyNasty | Antiserum | 1015 Folsom

NastyNasty on the main stage

With so many rooms at 1015 it’s common practice to flow between all the rooms on a regular basis, stopping wherever the bass infects your soul. Towards the end of NastyNasty’s wild set we made a migration back up to the upstairs room. This time Ryury was on the decks busting out some funky tunes that I’ve found hard to slot into a specific genre. I love it when it’s hard to describe music because it denotes a completely different sound from everyone else. If I had to call it anything, I’d say Ryury was playing an interesting blend of moombahton, trap and dubstep simultaneously. This room was definitely full of what I like to call “booty thumpin beats”. Despite the great vibe upstairs we dipped out to catch the headliners of the night: Foreign Beggars.

Foreign Beggars *Event Review* RE:Creation: Foreign Beggars | NastyNasty | Antiserum | 1015 Folsom

Foreign Beggars

When we arrived back in the main room it was immediately obvious that the performance setup had completely changed. Usually DJ’s spin in a clear booth, glowing turquoise with wrap around sound. Directly across, at the backside of the room, is a long elevated platform that is usually reserved for dancers or performance artists, depending on the event. The Foreign Beggars were setup there, giving them space to truly perform and electrify the crowd. The lighting on them was top notch and they were surrounded by some amazing large scale art pieces. The few hip hop shows I’ve attending in the past have all been incredible artists but the Foreign Beggars blew all of that out of the water. These guys truly know how to throw down some  dirty dubstep while being totally in the flow. Their performance is practically theatrical with MC’s Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis tossing rhymes back and forth in a lyrical game of tag. The crowd had their hands in their air for this entire set like I’ve never seen at 1015 before.

I only caught a chunk of Antiserum’s close out set which featured some of his popular favorites like Brick Squad Anthem and Spend It as well as some fresh new stuff I didn’t recognize. His style has definitely evolved and become more of his own since the last time I saw him spin at Ritual Dubstep weekly about a year and a half ago. At that time he was playing more of a heavy dubstep that I didn’t prefer at the time. His new stuff definitely had me getting down, if my friends hadn’t gotten stuck outside the entrance I wouldn’t have left early!

This event was fantastic except for one major drawback. 1015 had been having problems with their sound system in the main room and the bass was definitely toned down and lacking quite a bit. I wasn’t feeling that all pervasive wobble as deep within my being as I have come to expect. Given the rate that 1015 pumps out great shows, I’m sure this will be corrected very soon. Despite that, Euphonic Conceptions and their series of RE: Creation events never disappoint. The lineups are always stacked, the vibe is always positive, and the art is always fresh. I recommend attending the next Euphonic Conceptions events in the Bay Area and Colorado!

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