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This week I’ve tried to increase the variety of music you’re going to hear a little bit for Moar Bass. I’ve also done a mix of well known and underground artists to really diversify the sound in this post. We have a new music project from Excision and Downlink that blends dubstep and live music, plus Robert DeLong, an up and comer with massive potential and an incredibly unique sound. Give it all a listen and see what you think! Enjoy icon smile Moar Bass: Volume 15

Featured Artist:

DeLong Moar Bass: Volume 15

Robert DeLong

A guy from Echo Park, Robert DeLong has his debut album coming out on Glassnote Records January 22nd called Just Movement. This singer, songwriter, producer, programmer, and drummer unleashes a live singing act combined with loops, samples, mixing, and drumming to give audiences something they’ve really never seen before. With a groovy house feel combined with indie rock vocals, DeLong will entertain the ear and the eye whenever he has someone listening.


Excision, Downlink, Space Laces



A new guy I just discovered, Noah D, plays some of the heaviest bass music I’ve heard, including trap, dubstep, dnb, and more, and his a new Nine Lives Mix that you gotta check out. Give it a listen and grab the free download below!