This week we have a kick ass compilation of tracks to share with all of you. Normally my underground posts feature a ton of artists you’ve never heard of (and usually ones that I haven’t either), however today I wanted to spotlight a bunch of artists that we here at MYN love, and who deserve a shoutout. So, you’re going to hear some trap, electro, trance, and more in this post from artists like Philthy Rich, Aylen, Milk N Cookies, and others! I hope you’re readyyyyyyyy! Enjoy :-)

Featured Track:

Philthy Rich shows off his production skills in his first track to date in a collaboration with Aries titled Lifted. Some of the fattest trap I’ve ever heard- you MUST listen to this on a system with at least one subwoofer. Hope you like bass…



MartyParty just dropped his album MVP and it is chock full of his own special blend of dubstep and trap known as Purple. Some of these tracks are fat as f*ck, so turn up the subs and get ready to buuuump!