takeabreak Take a Break: Volume 1

Hello everyone! Here comes the first “Take a Break” for you all. Go ahead and let your mind and body relax for a little while. I mean, look on the bright side, you beat this week’s Monday slump! You deserve a little break from the hectic flow of reality! In these segments, I’ll be presenting some new Indie, Alternative, and Chill music for you guys to take your mind off whatever you’ve got going on in your life that may be causing you distress! I know I’ve been busy lately, and I could totally use a breather!

I’ve got a few different tracks and videos for you guys including works by Flume, The Luyas, Young Dreams, Tamaryn, and Park Planet.

First up is a track by Flume called “Holdin’ On.” There are some nice unique sounds in this track. It almost sounds like a heavily remixed soul-funk song mixed with an eerie, electronic, up-and-down instrumental line.

The next three tracks include their corresponding music videos. For the first video, we’ll move into a more artistic and soothing realm with “Montuno” by The Luyas. The video is comprised of varying shots of nature, animals, and colorful people while the effects switch between technicolor and black-and-white. The music behind the video is stunning both instrumentally and vocally. It’ll definitely throw you into a reflective state if you listen long enough! Enjoy.

The third track and second video depicts a story of love with some dark undertones. WARNING: parts of the video may disturb some people, so watch with caution. All-in-all, though, the video and track mesh perfectly together creating a beautiful but somber perspective of the relationship of two young friends. Check out “Fog of War” by Young Dreams below.

This fourth track, “The Garden” by Tamaryn, is the epitome of that quintessential 80’s feeling that I know I love personally. It feels so nostalgic, and the video directed by Miko Revereza is very colorful and chaotic while incorporating numerous flowers which really capture the theme of the song.

Park Planet’s latest, “The Youngest” will take this “Take a Break” to a close. The first half of the song is a very smooth instrumental guitar melody with some nice harmonies and progressions. Then, the rich vocals kick in and lift the song into and even higher level of chill transcendence.

That’s all for this week’s “Take a Break” (the first one ever!!). I hope you guys enjoyed these unique and vibrant tracks. I’ll be back next week with more Indie pleasure for your ears.