Today I’m bringing you a wide selection of tracks from all over the EDM spectrum. First, Rusko’s new EP, Kapow, just dropped free of charge for all his fans. He recently made the decision to only release free music from this point forward after multiple scuffles with various record labels over previous releases. It’s a doozy of a compilation, with four tracks that provide a nice infusion of live recorded vocals, live instrumentation, and lots and lots of bass. He strays a little from his traditional sound, but it’s still top notch production, and still gives dubstep fans everything they want to hear.

The rest of the artists I’ve featured will show off the heavier side of dubstep with some new tunes from FIGURE, plus some groovy sounds from Solidisco, and a random assortment of tech house, electro, and more. Check out all the artists below and grab any free downloads that you like. Enjoy!


DJ Dan

Left Side Dead





Boody & LE1F

James Egbert