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Ok first off, I’m so excited for this EP Master Commander by Tyler Crichton. I’ve been following Tyler for nearly a year now and it has been great to hear the progress of this masterpiece. The EP is out today on Beatport! Tyler is a Canadian producer that has shared the stage with huge artists like Bombs Away and Lazy Rich.

The preview is a single soundcloud link, so look for Tyler’s comments in the stream to see where each song starts.

The title track, Master Commander is a mostly Electro House track that has some half time mixed in for dramatic effect. It has a super punchy bass that will easily be an anthem for the clubs. I like the vocal drops placed throughout the track as well.

Next up is Dafuq that continues the Electro House train. I love the breakdowns and the overlaying synth work. It’s dirty. It’s melodic. It’s ready to rage.

Appropriately titled Fellgoodstep, the third track on the EP is a drumstep track that is guaranteed to make you rock out in glorious halftime. The melody tells such a good story throughout this instrumental that you feel it’s actually a song.

It looks like Tyler’s work paid off with his remix of Shreddie Mercury’s Mount Cleverest. I already covered Tyler Crichton’s in this article, but now it’s available for download because Section Z records liked the track!

Check out the preview for all of these tracks below then head to Beatport to pick up the EP!

The track that originally turned me onto Tyler was I.D.G.A.F.. I absolutely love the beat and synth work in this. This is my ideal party music right here. It’s a free download, so grab it below!

Remember to give Tyler some love below at the links, buy his music on beatport, and check out his full interview at the bottom!

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Full Interview:
How long have you been Producing? Djing?

I’ve been producing seriously for around 2 years now. I had been playing around with making wierd sounds and songs before, but never took anything to heart before that mark. I picked up djing probably about a year and a half ago once I realized how most EDM producers played out. I had know idea that there was a whole nother dj world out there!

What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on some remixes for sectionz records.

I like what you did with IDGAF, it has a real bombs away feel. Did you learn anything while making this track that you’d like to share?

I learned that sometime you just have to let go and have some funwhile writing music!

How are you involved with/ how is the music scene in Winnipeg? I saw that you opened up for Lazy Rich in Feb. How’d that show go? I met him in CA last year at a show and he was extremely kind.

That show was great! loved it! He is a nice guy. I have gigs here and there in Winnipeg and I try to help out other locals the best I can.

What is your DAW of choice?

Fl studio

What is your DJing method of choice?

I like using my s4 and cdjs.

What did you learn while making an EP?

I learned so much I dont even know where to begin. The biggest thing is that it’s a lot harder then I thought it would be.