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Mike La Funk

Everybody needs more funk in their life. For my first post, I’ll start off with a name that even happens to have funk in the name… Mike La Funk. The German house master created Music Is Life, a funkified house track with vocals by Corey Andrew. Three remixes have come our way from Rafael Yapudjian, Peter Brown, and Andrey Exx and each one does a good job of complimenting the original mix nicely. Click HERE to check out the rest of the remixes of Music Is Life on Beatport. The message of the song is one near and dear to MYN team and community.

“Everytime I hear a song I know that life is gonna be sweet. Makes me wanna carry on, I wanna go outside and dance in the street. We hear a song. We carry on. Music is wonderful.”

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Cyril Hahn

For a little deeper housey funk, I bring you Cyril Hahn’s remix of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name, a classic in any girl’s eyes between the ages of eighteen and twenty five and maybe not as popular in the male demographic. Regardless of your obsession with the power-belting Destiny’s Child, it’s clear that Hahn brings the same emotion of the trio supergroup, but in the form of male vocals. Let the beat take over the repetitive vocals and soon enough you’ll forget that it’s even a remix… ok maybe not. Take advantage of the free download!

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Fire Flowerz

Here’s Fire Flowerz, a duo that has recently caught my attention with their new disco house remixes, It’s All Good which was just released on Rising Music and Music Sounds Better With You which was already released. Click HERE to check out both EPs on Beatport.

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Stay funky.