Welcome boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen of all ages. Please take your seats now, the show is about to begin. We’ve got a great one for you today folks so hold on to your hats. Here’s a few artists that are sure to make you want to Turn It Up.


You ever find those artists that you can just listen to their albums over and over and over? That’s New York based Tony Simon aka Blockhead for me. I have listened to each of his albums dozens of times. He is one of my favorite artists ever. We’re talking up there with Bob Marley and Pink Floyd — you know who they are right? So yeah, this is some Music You Need right here. Although he is less well known, he has worked extensively in the past with better known hip hop artists like Aesop Rock and Murs. He was born and raised in downtown Manhattan and continues to DJ and produce music as a resident there. He has a very chilled out downtempo hip hop style of music that will help you redefine the idea of a “hip hop instrumental.” I’ve selected some of my personal favorites of his for you to peruse through. A couple of the tracks are from his newest album earlier this year, Interludes After Midnight, which was released on Ninja Tune, as well as his albums The Music Scene and Music By Cavelight, released in 2009 and 2004 respectively. Make sure to check out the music video for the title track of The Music Scene, so dope.

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ill.Gates is a Toronto based artist that just so happens to have a brand new release for us. Just out today on San Francisco based Muti Music is ill.Gates’ newest release. The ill Methodology Remixes Vol. 1 compiles a laundry list of dope producers, including Datsik, Ana Sia, Opiuo, and Spoonbill, among others. They slap down their own version of some of the tracks from his most recent full length album, The ill Methodology, which was released last year. This is some heavy dubstep/ future bass and glitch hop. He was recently selected to be one of the “Next 100″ in URB magazine. Make sure to cop the free download of this release too, and show these artists some love while your at it!

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James Egbert

James Egbert has been coming up fast. Although he has been writing music his entire life, he only just got into the world of EDM last year in 2011. 2012 was a breakthrough year for him as he found himself atop multiple genre charts on Beatport with the self release of his EP In The Beginning, which also reached #2 of the Top 100 releases. With the release of his single “Legion” on Bazooka Records he was selected for the Insomniac Events Discovery Project, giving him a chance to play a live set at Electric Daisy Carnival this past summer in Las Vegas. He has an awesome mixture of electro/progressive house and dubstep to his tunes. Check out a couple of his most recently released remixes as well his single and EP I mentioned above!

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