MYN Flashback Fridays Flashback Fridays w/ DJ Fresh, LCD Soundsystem, and Richie Hawtin

My apologies for my absence and delay. I’m here today to bring you some fresh new tunes to sink your teeth into. I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys, but hopefully you find something to give you a fix on some golden oldies.

DJ Fresh

 Flashback Fridays w/ DJ Fresh, LCD Soundsystem, and Richie Hawtin

Daniel Stein also known as DJ Fresh, is a British producer and DJ who’s been spinning records since 1996. His specialty is Drum ‘N Bass and Dubstep and some say there’s no one better at it. He got his start as part of a famous Drum ‘N Bass group known as Bad Company and went on to start a record label and the website Dogs on Acid all before he turned 21. Bad Company is well known to be a genre-defining Drum ‘N Bass producers.  In 1998, Bad Company released their famous track “The Nine” and a year later they were at the top of the genre.  In 2002, he shifted his focus back to his solo career and released huge hits on UK Dance charts with songs like “Gold Dust” and “Kryptonite”. Since 2011, he’s been quite the icon of Bass Music lovers in the UK. He also began performing a show he calls Fresh Live. He performs with a drummer, guitarist, vocalist, MC, and plays the keyboard parts to his song that he used in the original production essentially recreating his music completely live played out by famous EDM band musicians. 

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LCD Soundsystem

Lcd Soundsystem Onstage Flashback Fridays w/ DJ Fresh, LCD Soundsystem, and Richie Hawtin

 LCD Soundsystem was a famous dance-punk project from New York City. James Murphy, a famous singer-songwriter and producer was the creator of the group. LCD Soundsystem released three critically acclaimed albums with This Is Happening, being in the Billboard Magazine Top 10. They are currently disbanded, they announced their disbandment in February 2011 and did one last show at Madison Square Garden. James Murphy is their most reputable member as he is responsible for the production of their songs. When he was 22, he got a job to write for Seinfeld before it was well known and chose to continue with music instead. Since their disbandment Murphy has been performing DJ sets at festivals and various shows.

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Richie Hawtin

richie hawtin Flashback Fridays w/ DJ Fresh, LCD Soundsystem, and Richie Hawtin

I have had the pleasure of knowing about this gentleman’s music for many years now, and I have never been dissapointed. He is incredibly gifted at what he does and continues to push the envelope both with his live sets and his music. He has been a force for EDM especially for the scene here in America. Richie is originally from Windsor, Ontario, but he started crossing the border to nearby Detroit to DJ starting at the age of 17.  His style during his early phase was mostly house bordering on techno. Along with some greats like Jeff Mills and Carl Craig, Hawtin was the face of the second wave of techno. For the past 15 years, Richie Hawtin has changed his style in the subtlest of ways, but his passion for minimal music has led to his status as a legend. His work has defined the genre and changed the art of performance for EDM artists globally. Hawtin’s sets are an experience in themselves, and his technical mastery simply can’t be overlooked.

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