Tuesday3 Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ Stephan Jacobs, Opiuo, and Mochipet

It’s time to Turn It Up. Yep, that’s right it’s Tuesday. Old man winter is doing work out there right now. Summer and festival season have finally come to a close, leaving all you concert fiends holed up in your homes, once again awaiting the warm season. Don’t worry we’ve got music for you…

Stephan Jacobs

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Stephan Jacobs is normally the guy who’s doing collaborations left and right, but not this time. This time we’ve got a treat for you from the west coast based future bass master. Last week he released his very first solo album. The self-titled album comes just a month after the EP he released with Freddy Todd, We Wear Capes. This album is a great showcase of the talents of the man who always seems to share the spotlight with his fellow bass music producers. He sticks to what he does best for the most part, heavy basslines and a glitchy style. Featuring vocals from Delevo on a couple of the tracks as well as Jaclyn Strong and Koza, the album is free for download, so make sure to get yourself a copy now!

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Well, today we bring it all full circle. I featured Opiuo on the very first Turn It Up Tuesday way back in March. That was when he released Butternut Slap Part One. Yesterday he officially released the third and final EP of his Butternut Slap Series. They have successfully continued to get more buttery, more nutty, and more slappy. This is one amazing series to round out Opiuo’s work this year. He has toured incessantly as well as continued to drop great releases. Check out Part Three which was released on Addictech Records and more deeply explores Opiuo’s signature Crunk-schlunk, bass pumped, Glitch funk. Enjoy!

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David Wang aka Mochipet is a Daly City, CA. resident and DJ/Producer. He plays live in his purple godzilla suit (check him out getting super duper hyphy above). I have been a fan of Mochi for some time now but when I saw recently that he was releasing a new album and had dropped a single to promote it, I had to feature it. Last week he released “Swimming in a Sea of Galaxies,” from his forthcoming album Rawr Means I Love You, which is set to release on January 1st of 2013.  In this newest track he explores a different direction in overall sound. What I hear is an epic tip of the hat towards the likes of STS9, who he has done a couple sick remixes of, leaving me fully excited for the release of the upcoming album. Check out Mochipet and show that purple dinosaur some love!

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