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MiMOSA’s new trap influenced track SWRV has gotten a lot of attention from fans of MiMOSA’s old stuff. Listen to the new track with an open mind, not expecting something like Psychedelic Stereo and decide for yourself. Here’s what the man himself had to say.

“For my fans that have been closely following me recently, they probably could have guessed that I could be inspired to go in this direction with my new music. And if you’ve came out to one of my shows in the past year or so, I’m certain that you all can agree that there is definitely a place and time for a track that sounds like this. In art, context is everything. And my live shows are a very integral part of what inspires me musically right now.”

SWRV is the first released single off of MiMOSA’s upcoming release, FUTURETRILL, and is available for free download. Can not wait to hear more.

“With that said though, this is one track of many off my next album. You don’t have to necessarily look at my music as the “old” MiMOSA vs the “new”…my inspiration and musical output doesn’t always evolve in a linear fashion. Anyways, trust me. When you hear ALL the tracks, I’m sure there will be something that will keep ALL of you more than happy and you’ll be able to understand and enjoy the full picture that is FUTURETRILL!”

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