artworks 000031843201 2gw05o t500x500 *New Remix* Tube & Berger ft. Robert Owens   Slipknot (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Pleasurekraft seems to be on a good one this year with the amount of remixes and originals they’ve been pumping out. This new one from them of course showcases their bouncy tech house flavor over top of what may be the weirdest song they’ve remixed yet. The track “Slipknot” has a Western style guitar going on; picture Wild West showdown. The boys of Pleasurekraft have gone and infused their creepy-crawly tech house sound over top of this weird and wild house song and it works so effortlessly. Who knew weird plus weird gets a tech house tune like you’ve never heard; read dance-floor destroyer. Enjoy!

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