MYN Sunday Funday3 Sunday Funday w/ Urulu & Steve Huerta

Today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys some super local talent from Los Angeles. If you didn’t realize it, which if you’re not from the greater LA area (read LA County) then it would make sense, the scene here for Dance music is big and the underground scene is growing. You probably have already heard of the likes of Low End Theory and the guys who rep the bass music here, but then there’s the house side of things and it’s making inroads here every day. These two producers and DJ’s, Urulu and Steve Huerta among others, are here to represent house music for Los Angeles and they’re doing it their own way.



Urulu main Sunday Funday w/ Urulu & Steve Huerta

Taylor Freels is making slow and sexy house music as good as the rest of them. He has released tunes through the likes of Amadeus and Petfood already and has played events and clubs far and wide including the most recent Nocturnal Wonderland. The sounds he incorporates into his music create a feel of house from yester-year and it’s ohhh so right in so many ways. The songs are groovy and he often includes smooth vocal samples that blend themselves effortlessly into the songs creating a vibe like no other. If you didn’t know, now you do! Be on the look out for this guy because his sound is timeless and he’s only just beginning to make a name for himself.

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Steve Huerta

steve huerta Sunday Funday w/ Urulu & Steve Huerta

Steve Huerta is his name, and house music is his game. I’m telling you guys these two are not messing around when it comes to making quality House music. His sound is deep and emotive and you can tell that there is something special about the sounds that he’s producing. From the low and slow basslines, to the spacey synths and vocal samples, this is what eargasms are made of. He has also released tunes with Petfood and Amadeus (these guys are obviously know what good music is) and every single EP or single has been a solid work of art. Check out his sounds and keep an ear out for more because you’ll be hooked once you’ve heard what he has to offer.

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