Another week, another Saturday, welcome back to the latest edition of Progressive Saturdays here on MYN. I have a lot of really nice new music for you and even a mix, so lets get on to enjoying some music!

First up lets get started with a fantastic new track from Dennis Sheperd featuring the brilliant vocals of an anonymous singer! This one is full of powerful vocals with a smashing chorus that will sweep you away with its energy, this is fire! Here is Dennis Sheperd’s Edge Of The World.

Bobina and Betsie Larkin make a great combo. Bobina provides a track with darkness, drive, and emotion and Betsie Larkin finishes it off with her always amazing vocals that make the song completely come together. This is Bobina & Betsie Larkin, No Substitute For You.

Rank 1 is at it again providing us with another great tune. This track is brand new and just debuted on ASOT on Thursday, unfortunately the upload isn’t the best but still checkout the track is fantastic! Rank1, 7 Instead Of 8.

Dash remixing Ferry, Ferry remixing Dash, I see a pattern. Which is a great pattern to see as none of us will complain when these two add their own touch to each other’s tracks. This time Ferry is providing his signature Ferry Corsten Fix to Dash Berlin’s When You Were Around, featuring the vocals of Kate Walsh. This one is pack full of emotion so enjoy!

Many of you may have heard by now that SoundLift will no longer be producing trance. If this is to be the last track he puts out then he did it proper, this is everything and more that an Uplifting Trance tune should be, massive. Lets hope this isn’t the last time we hear the uplifting sounds of SoundLift, here is SoundLift, Revenge.

Next up is a crazy good tech-trance tune from Angry Man, not to much comes up when searching for the fantastic producer but be sure to expect some great material coming from Angry Man! Here’s Angry Man, Tyrant. 

And finally we have a mix from D-Bryk that is full of some really nice deep and progressive house, a little different then what I usually post but its very nicely put together!

D-Bryk, Progressive Sensation Mix. 

Hope you enjoyed the tunes, and of course see you all next we for more Trance & Progressive!