lunacy poster52 *Event Spotlight* Lunacy Music and Arts Festival

Merriam- Webster defines the word lunacy in three parts:

  1. insanity ;  intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon
  2. wild foolishness ; extravagant folly
  3. a foolish act

If you asked me how I hoped to spend my pre-Halloween weekend, I would have given you a list of those things. This is precisely why I’m going to Lunacy.

From the co-producers of Lucidity festival comes Lunacy, a convergence of sweet beats, beautiful art, and all the right kinds of weird beneath the beautiful oak trees of Santa Barbara. With incredible artists such as EOTO, VibeSquaD, An-Ten-Nae, and so many more, how could you say no?

Despite its ridiculously good line-up, Lunacy is about so much more than just music.  The event, put on by Synaptic Productions, promises yoga, meditations, drum circles, live art, performance art, and enough workshops to have you bursting at the seams with new information. Learn how to belly dance if you’ve always wanted to. Or learn aromatherapy, if that’s more your thing. Whatever you’re into, however you want to expand your mind or express yourself, Lunacy has something for you waiting at the campgrounds with open, painted arms. You’re invited to be a super hero (or villain, if you want to get down with your bad self) at the Electronic stage on Friday, spend your Saturday as a zombie, nomming on some brains at the vendor village, and frantically dance to the rhythm of beating drums under the full moon on Sunday. If you’ve been dying for an excuse to break back out your playa boots, look no further, my friends.

So calling all free-thinkers! All you moon-freaks and innovators! Artists and art lovers and love lovers alike! Come participate in the wild foolishness and extravagant folly that Lunacy festival is sure to provide. Pack up your costumes and set your intention for an eye-opening, soul-expanding, beautiful, loving, and all around WEIRD AS FUCK Halloween weekend, and come together with old friends and new friends alike under the brilliant light of the full moon.

This is an event you for sure do not want to miss. We hope to WILL see you there!

Buy your tickets here! (Enter the promo code “goodtimes” for $20 off 3-day passes, or “warriors” for weekend passes!)

For more information about this event, check the event website.

*Remember, kids, Lunacy is a leave-no-trace event, so learn to take responsibility for yourself and clean your shit up. Pack it in, pack it out!

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