Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Musicyouneed.net.  This week I’m featuring a San Francisco based duo called Kontrol Freqs.  Kontrol Freqs is a DJ/producer group that brings the energy to their livesets.

The first track tonight is hilariously named African Child (think Get Him to the Greek).  This big room house track uses some great samples of choirs to give it an exotic and large feel.  I’m a sucker for a super side chained synth, so I’m in!  Check out the track below!

If you’re preparing your Halloween track list, get ready to snatch up Kontrol Freq’s Madne55.  It’s full of scary movie drops overlaying a ready-to-stab synth line.  Below is only a preview, but I expect a release before Halloween next week.

Need a banger for your next set?  Plug in Kontrol Freqs remix of Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400.  This remix is absolutely insane. It uses the Warp hook to whip the crowd into a needless frenzy during the drop.  It uses the hook of the original perfectly and this is seriously a classic.  It’s reached a maximum download rate, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere.  Until then, preview it below and rock out.

I saw Kontrol Freqs open up for DallasK the other night, and wow this next bootleg set the room on fire!  It’s a bootleg of Sandro Silva’s & Quintino’s notorious track, Epic. They gave this track a shot of dirty electro house.  Seriously, I cannot stress how much this track dominated the audience live.  It’s a free download, so grab it now and toss it in your sets or iPhone.

Looking for a DJ set?  Check out a DJ set they have on Soundcloud. I LOVE the edit of Koko they have in this mix.  I expect them to have the show I saw available soon, keep an eye out for that!

Overall I’m very impressed with Kontrol Freqs!  Give them some love below.  See you next week.

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