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Bassnectar Freestyle EP

Bassnectar is one of the more explosive acts touring the world in EDM at the moment, and has been for a few years. He has worked with everyone it seems like, and if he hasn’t yet, he probably will soon. If you haven’t seen his live show (or his hair), make plans to do so in the near future. His energy is infectuous, an outbreak of passion and dance, consuming all within earshot, spanning the genres. This EP is a collection of tunes inspired directly by his live sets while being on tour.

He says it best himself when describing this collection:

“Here it is! We are releasing the FREESTYLE EP full force and full blast world wide: 6 brand new tracks of freestyle amorphous music.

These songs are an expression of creativity and of a diverse array of sonic ideas that bounce around in my cabeza and have been a pleasure to blast at MAXIMUM at each show thus far on our tour.”


The EP is fire. Not much more to say, however the standout tune to me is his collaboration with drum and bass champion sound creators DC Breaks with vocal support by Mimi Page known as Breathless. This tune is an audio wonderland, such rich, deep and beautiful soundscapes. Almost like if unicorns were made of sound instead of horses with phallic foreheads and magic.

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