Monsters 1024x1024 *New Album* FIGURE   Monsters Volume 3

Every year a darkness descends upon EDM from the murky depths of bass music. Figure has released his annual Monsters EP, which has become a must-have for EDM DJ’s and bass music enthusiasts every year during the venerable All Hallow’s Eve celebrations that are inevitable and most anticipated every October.

Josh Gard a.k.a. Figure is a beast. A bass fright monster whose signature calls are screeching synths, damaging drums, clever monster-movie classic vocal samples, deadly drops, and massive breakdowns. EVERY SINGLE TRACK in this EP is exactly what we have come to know from this electronic wizard of the bass realms. On this EP, it’s hard to pick favorites, but due to the length of th EP, i will single out just a few tracks.

The Graveyard – Scary syncopated synth in typical horror movie builds anticipation for the bass stabbing hard pounding electro tune that will be used in all of the Halloween festival video recaps. You know the ones, with edited footage of the show, with an overlying themed track playing over it. This is that track.

The Graveyard remix by Dr. Ozi – Get familiar people. Dr. Ozi is a bass mad scientist, turning this track on its ear and creating with his wicked science abomination a dirty dubstep terror to plague the local villages and venues all over.

Corpse Grinders (Free Download) – As usual Figure gives us a quality track for free that is a must have for your horror themed musical pleasure.

Pounds Of Blood feat Tommy Lee (yes, the legendary Tommy Lee from MOTLEY CRUE and other stuff) – Pounds Of Blood get the blood pounding. Blood gets the blood pounding. Heavy live drumming and the classic Phantom Of The Opera organ riff set off on a downward spiral to bass frenzied madness. Prepare to sweat.

Purchase the Monsters 3 EP here. Check out the other Monsters EPs  and much more here.



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