Hello out there! I know you’ve all been waiting for Tuesday to roll around for your chance to Turn It Up. You can rest easy, your big day has finally arrived. So without further adieu I present to you a few artists for your listening pleasure. Just don’t let me catch you slackin’ with the volume at half status or anything now.

Marley Carroll

Asheville, North Carolina is home to groundbreaking DJ/Producer Marley Carroll. His productions have a very atmospheric, ethereal house feel, of which he does quite a job blending with heavy percussion and a hint of glitch. He calls it Intelligent Dance Music or IDM for short. I couldn’t agree more. Living in a coastal area he draws his musical inspiration from the ocean. His music is unlike that of any other. Check out his most recent track “Woodwork,” just released today, along with his three track EP R&S/Cedars which dropped back in June. I bet you can’t listen just once!

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 Oh you like bass, but you’ve never heard of Borgore? Sit your ass down, right now. Founder of the Buygore record label and the guy with a bunch of attitude and swagger about his business, Borgore is a name synonymous with Dubstep. This guy is a provocation addict. His most recent cover art features a sexy, faceless, and more importantly, topless girl. His visual set up at Coachella this year consisted of pole dancing strippers with feeds of girls licking ice cream cones and his music video’s are a teenage boys wet dream. If he ever falls off in music, he’s most likely going to turn up in porn. Check out the full first track from his new #TurnUP EP as well as previews of the other two tracks.

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Digital Rust

Digital Rust is the musical escapades of San Francisco based producer, graphic designer and web developer Dave Ward. With a gritty, chunky sound reminiscent of Tipper and Opiuo, Digital Rust caught my ear and kept my attention so I had to share. He lists his tracks as Midtempo but they are certainly some glitchy dubstep. Check out his most recent Dark Horse EP which was released a week ago today on Addictech Records.

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