MYN Flashback Fridays2 Flashback Fridays w/ Roger Shah, Laurent Garnier, Richard Vission

It’s yet another Friday and it’s time to hear some tunes from some rather unknown artists. These artists were much more well-known in the underground days, but have not really been given much attention in the mainstream EDM scene here in America. I’m willing to bet you’ll be shocked at how old some of these tracks are, but at the same time giving you the quality you’ve come to expect so don’t be skeptical if these names don’t sound familiar!

Roger Shah

IMG 2265 300x225 Flashback Fridays w/ Roger Shah, Laurent Garnier, Richard Vission

In 1999, Roger Shah released the three tracks that would eventually get him his career start. His first major signing in 2003 by a Virgin Records sublabel eventually got him noticed and allowed him to be signed to some of the biggest Trance labels around today like Black Hole and Anjunabeats. After his collaboration in 2007 with Armin Van Buuren on Going Wrong with Chris James became a major hit, Shah’s label Magical Island Records was given distribution by Armin’s Armada Music. He is extremely well-known for giving trance lovers a unique taste of music by taking his electronic keyboard with him everywhere. As of late he has preffered his live setup where he performs with the keyboard and his laptop rather than with CD’s. He hasn’t seen much success in the United States, but he is extremely popular in the Netherlands where his songs have hit top of the charts a few times in his career. His style is largely linked to the Spanish Canary islands like Ibiza, where the sound of the islands are known as Balearic music. Roger Shah’s brand of Balearic trance is what makes him so popular for those kinds of EDM destinations.

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Laurent Garnier

garnier Flashback Fridays w/ Roger Shah, Laurent Garnier, Richard Vission

Laurent Garnier has been around just as long as anybody else you can imagine. He started going clubs in the late 1970s in Paris and mixing songs on a tape recorder at age 16. He was incredibly diverse with his listening taste and started off his path toward contributing to EDM with his knowledge of disco. Eventually, he moved to Manchester, England and took part of the huge growth the EDM scene was seeing in the 1980s to early 1990s. He met house music’s grandfather Frankie Knuckles and saw the growth of EDM in an era where it was just becoming acceptable and profitable to run a record label. Transition from an underground raver into a recording artist took a while for Garnier, but eventually he found his rhythm and has been gracing the world with his music for the past 15 years.

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Richard Vission

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 Richard Vission was born in Toronto, but raised in San Fernando Valley in California. He is best known as the host of the longest running mix show in the United States known as Power Tools on Power 106 FM in LA. I remember seeing him at a Dayglow here in Texas a couple of years back and thinking, who is this guy? It turns out Richard has been around just as long as anybody on the west coast, and quite frankly is responsible for helping the mainstream EDM scene spread from the west coast eastward. Even though he may sound like Girl Talk or Super Smash Bros. with the way he mixes, his track selection is incredible and he is very technically talented. He likes using a ridiculous number of songs in his sets, switching at a high pace. On top of all that, he’s been doing since the 1980’s, when the scene on the west coast was about a hundreth of the size it is now.

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