Tuesday Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ ART DEPARTMENT, Neurologix, and TERRAVITA

Life can twist and turn you until your upside down, or is it downside up? I find myself on a bit of the wild part of this roller coaster.  A new job, new school, new home, new life. It’s coming faster and faster everyday. Responsibilities plague most and mine are coming on steady now.  I apologize deeply for the absence of Turn It Up time last week, but adjusting to this new life wasn’t very conducive to blogging, even about music. Despite all of that bullshit, I’m still coming at you, stronger than ever, with some great music this Tuesday — just so all you Turn It Up connoisseurs can get your fix. Here’s a few artists that are certain to tickle a fancy or two. This one goes out to all the people I miss back home, you know who you are!


artdept Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ ART DEPARTMENT, Neurologix, and TERRAVITA

Ladies and Gentlemen, house is back. Then again, maybe it was never gone. Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow of Toronto, Canada are ART DEPARTMENT. I saw Jonny White of the duo deliver an unforgettable sunrise set perched atop the Robot Heart at Burning Man just over a week ago. Words cannot describe the overflowing happiness and love for the world I felt. I had to share this album with you all because I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since.  Groove to this and show these guys some love!


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 Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ ART DEPARTMENT, Neurologix, and TERRAVITA

As a young music lover/producer who accidentally stumbled upon the electronic dance music scene at the age of 20, Danny Shields aka Neurologix immediately fell in love and enrolled in music classes. After quitting his longtime job and moving down to Los Angeles leaving his friends and family behind he soon found his love and passion. Spending countless hours in the studio and learning from the best at Icon Collective Production school, he has quickly risen amongst the thousands of new producers due to his interesting creativity and pure love for dance beats. While not blowing out his eardrums in the studio, Neurologix spends the majority of his days either going to shows or listening to new music. Every electronic music fan should be on the watch for Neurologix as his crazy party animal attitude is mixed with the motivation to blow your minds and ear drums! He has an unbelievably clean and crisp sound in his original productions, not to mention the fact that he takes remixes to the next level. Check out these tracks and watch out for big things to come from our boy Neurologix!

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terravita1 576x395 Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ ART DEPARTMENT, Neurologix, and TERRAVITA

Matt Simmers, Jon Spero, and Chris Barlow are the three bass heads from Boston known as TERRAVITA that are doing nothing but good things these days. They produce drumstep, dubstep, and whatever else they want according to them. Here is their new The Power of Fire EP which was released, wierdly enough, on Datsik’s FirePower label. Enjoy!

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That’s it and that’s all. But damn it was good while it lasted wasn’t it!? Come on back for more where that came from this and every Tuesday. Until next week, peace and much love!