MYN Flashback Fridays3 Flashback Fridays w/ Robbie Rivera, Derrick Carter, and Photek

I hope you guys are ready for some big beats. I’m starting to transition into the 90s and beyond and its about to heat up real quick. Keep a look out for some names that you know, but for a side you may have not seen.

Robbie Rivera

robbierivera Flashback Fridays w/ Robbie Rivera, Derrick Carter, and Photek

Robbie Rivera has been a huge force in electronic music since he jumped on the scene. He began his career in Puerto Rico spinning weddings and local nightclubs at the age of 16. He decide to take his profession to the next level by studying at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale studying music production with exposure to Protools early. He released his track El Sorullo while in College and it became so popular in Miami and New York his career took off. Since his release of  Bang which made it to number 1 on the UK Dance charts, Rivera has been on a roll. His remixes and productions have only gotten better with time and he has firmly placed his name as one of the top  electronic artists of all time. I saw him at EDC Vegas 2011, where he performed a 4 CDJ set and he played exactly what the audience wanted to hear from him. If you get a chance to see him perform, make sure you check it out his track selection and turntable skills are top-notch and there’s not really more you can ask from a DJ.

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Derrick Carter

Derrick Carter 1 Flashback Fridays w/ Robbie Rivera, Derrick Carter, and Photek

Derrick Carter is an underground house DJ from Chicago and is currently a popular artist in Europe. His EP with Mark Farina and Chris Nazuka, Symbols & Instruments, in 1988 made him known worldwide in the underground house scene. His influence mainly comes from disco, soul, and jazz music which he blended with elements from Chicago making a unique sound. His set with Mark Farina and DJ Sneak and Tomorrowland was a landmark set showcasing some of the many amazing artists that hail from Chicago.

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photek eecue 23712 84zn l Flashback Fridays w/ Robbie Rivera, Derrick Carter, and Photek

Photek has been on the Drum and Bass scene for many years, his first release was in 1992. He is now based in Los Angeles, but Photek started off as a producer in the UK. He’s worked with producers like Goldie on a project known as Baby Boys. Photek’s original style was most influenced by jazz style of percussion and he gradually progressed into a house-y style. In the past couple of years he has begun to remix famous artists and he has been used for various film soundtracks. His remix of End Of Line on Tron Legacy Reconfigured was nominated for best remix by the Grammy awards. I can only imagine what he’s capable of doing in such a bass-favorable scene today.

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