MYN Flashback Fridays2 Flashback Fridays w/ Mark Farina, Moby, and Goldie

Time for a flashback ’cause it’s Friday and I ain’t got shit to do but show you guys some great hits from the past.

Mark Farina

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Mark Farina began his career in Chicago in 1988 when he began to produced jazzy disco classics that was unlike the music played in nightclubs at the time. Farina developed his own style of house known as Mushroom Jazz. He fused acid jazz with downtempo beats from the West Coast. He became hugely popular in San Francisco playing his style of House music.  Fusing two of the great centers of Electronic Dance Music while it was still an underground movement is exactly what makes Mark Farina so important to the genre. He is an extremely talented turntablist and has many different styles he works with, but is still able to go on for hours. This was the DJ that was thrown off the decks in Vegas for refusing to play songs VIPs requested.

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moby 2010 Flashback Fridays w/ Mark Farina, Moby, and Goldie

There’s not much you can’t say about Moby, a DJ from New York, because he’s basically done everything a musician can hope to accomplish. He’s sold over 20 million copies of his albums worldwide. He got his first major break in 1991 called Go, which hit the top ten of UK charts. Throughout the 90’s his popularity in the UK eventually drifted to United States. Moby has toured with everyone from Michael Jackson to Richie Hawtin. He’s released countless albums and singles that have become extremely popular and he has been used to make tracks for movies. Moby is one of the top 10 most influential figures in the rise of dance music in the United States. Lately, Moby has returned to a more acoustic style performing with a guitar and leaning away from his dance music style.

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METHMIX001 albumdetails goldie Flashback Fridays w/ Mark Farina, Moby, and Goldie

In 1991, Goldie became interested with the British breakbeat scene when his girlfriend DJ Kemistry, introduced him to the famous DJ group 4hero.  By 1995, Goldie released his first studio album called Timeless.  He fused breakbeats with basslines best associated with a brand of drum & bass known as Jungle.  Timeless is widely believed to popularize drum and bass with many as a form of musical expression. He also has been seen in a few TV shows and movies like Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. Goldie actually gained exposure as a graffiti artist and has returned to that as of late.

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