This is your flashback for the week.  John Digweed and Sasha have been close friends for quite some time and it is only natural they be introduced together,but don’t be fooled they are legends in their own rights. Also, we are going to take another look at Detroit techno this week with Jeff Mills. Enjoy.

John Digweed

John Digweed has been a DJ since 1989 and got his first job in 1993 at the Renaissance club thanks to fellow DJ Sasha. John Digweed developed the sound of the 1990s and 2000s that has become known as progressive house. His label, Bedrock records releases his music and the talent that he finds. He has spun records in New York since 1996 with Sasha and grew their weekly nights into a huge scene by 2001 when their residency ended. In 2001, he was voted top DJ by DJ Mag and was top for ten years from 1998-2008. He is a major force in electronic music and is basically a forefather of most of the mainstream progressive house music heard today.

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Sasha has been a DJ since it ever had popularity even in Europe. His style was acid house in the 1980s and after he discovered Digweed in 1993, they toured internationally. Sasha has produced numerous singles on the top of UK Charts. His remix of Felix Da Housecat’s Watching Cars Go By even got him a Grammy nomination in 2004. Sasha is a pioneer in the use of live audio engineering equipment, turning electronic music into a performing art. He has developed DJs like BT and James Zabiela who are now quite important in their own rights. Sasha has played an integral role in moving the performance aspect of EDM especially in North America.

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Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is another Detroit Techno great. He started in the early 80s as “The Wizard” and was a recurring guest DJ for a Detroit radio station where he did all sorts of tricks on the turntable like beat juggling and scratching. He and Mike Banks of Parliament formed Underground Resistance, they wore ski masks an black combat suits to their performances. He has DJed in New York and Berlin at the Tresor Club. Mills is a monster on the turntables, he is known to use seventy records in an hour. According to Mills’ site ” In 1992, Jeff Mills created his own label in Chicago :with “Axis”, he could keep his artistic independence and produce his own timeless electronic music compositions, inspired of science fiction. Jeff Mills’ artistic career goes much further than techno music. For over a decade, he’s been transcending disciplines with a large number of collaborations in contemporary art. ” Mills is part of the extremely talented artists that were the second wave of Detroit techno artists along with Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, and Octave One, all of whom have had a significant impact on electronic music.

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