MYN Flashback Fridays1 Flashback Fridays w/ Junkie XL, Danny Tenaglia, and Ferry Corsten

 Sorry on the delay, but here are some classic tunes for the weekend from Junkie XL, Danny Tenaglia, and Ferry Corsten.

Junkie XL

JunkieXL 1 Flashback Fridays w/ Junkie XL, Danny Tenaglia, and Ferry Corsten

Tom Holkenborg also known as Junkie XL (Xpanding Limits) is a Dutch electronic music artist that has been making songs that have been heard around the world. He joined the Dutch New Wave group called Weekend at Waikiki as an instrumentalist in 1993 and has released music under Junkie XL since 1998. He has freelanced and produced for rock bands, TV shows and commercials, video games (FIFA, Need For Speed, Grand Turismo), and movies . As far as being a typical “DJ” that you see at festivals, Junkie XL is the guy that is and has been the reason for electronic music becoming part of mainstream music. Junkie XL doesn’t quite produce dance music for a club setting, it’s definitely a lot more of a chill-out listening.

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Danny Tenaglia

Danny Tenaglia Flashback Fridays w/ Junkie XL, Danny Tenaglia, and Ferry Corsten

Danny Tenaglia is an American electronic dance music legend, he has been a resident as early as 1985 at Cheers Nightclub in Miami.  His extensive knowledge of  house music from his time living in New York gave him a quality few DJs had…the ability to spread music when the scene was still very underground. Soon after, he returned to New York and improved his producing skills. He picked up a residency at a small club in New York, but eventually he longed for a different experience so he opened up his own club at a small venue that couldn’t sell liquor. Because it was such a low-maintenance place he had no strings attached and was able to play whatever music he wanted, whenever he wanted. By 2000, there were enough fans of the electronic dance music scene and club owners finally had enough money to cater to them.  With the opening of Space in Miami and his shows at Winter Music Conference, Danny Tenaglia finally had the international success he deserves.

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Ferry Corsten

ferry133 Flashback Fridays w/ Junkie XL, Danny Tenaglia, and Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten also known sometimes as System F is a Dutch trance music producer and DJ.  He hosts the weekly show “Corsten Countdown”, which had its 250th broadcast in April of this year. He has been producing and remixing records since he was 16 and started performing since the age of 17. He won his first national award in 1989 and by 1999 Ferry Corsten has been one of the biggest names in electronic dance music. Ferry’s success led to collaboration with major musicians like DJ Tiesto forming Gouryella and Vimana. He has his own festival in Rotterdam called Full On Ferry, where he invites musicians whose work he has been following and/or been playing on his show.  He has consistently made the top 20 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs List because Ferry Corsten has set the standard for electronic musicians and trance DJs all over the world.

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