MYN Flashback Fridays Flashback Fridays w/ Underworld, Shinichi Osawa, and Paul Oakenfold

It’s Fri-day, I’m bringing you beats from some more legends while you wind your week down.


underworld 300x244 Flashback Fridays w/ Underworld, Shinichi Osawa, and Paul Oakenfold

Underworld has been making music since the 1980s and have even worked with the likes of Kraftwerk. They began writing music in a diner in Cardiff, Wales and soon after were signed to a record label. Their big success was was when two of their tracks, Dark & Long (Dark Train) and Born Slippy.NUXX were put on the soundtrack for the film Trainspotting. Although Underworld have seen a great deal of success in producing, their emphasis on live performance has made them incredibly popular. Underworld have been in the studio recently collaborating with artists like Tiesto and Mark Knight giving their earlier album Anthology a refreshed sound. Their status as legends in music has landed them as the main act of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games.

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Shinichi Osawa

shinichi20osawa21mv1 Flashback Fridays w/ Underworld, Shinichi Osawa, and Paul Oakenfold

Shinichi Osawa gained popularity as part of the group Mondo Grosso, which was formed in Kyoto in 1991. After they broke up, he went on to produce his own music that has received him more attention than the moniker of his group. His first album released as Shinichi Osawa was in 2007 when he also played his first event in America at EDC when it was still in Los Angeles. Osawa has also been with Avex Trax which has made its parent company one of the top three record labels in Japan. Since then, he has seen a great deal of production sucess and he makes a good living putting his music in promotions for video games and the Sony Xperia.

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Paul Oakenfold

oakenfold 1 Flashback Fridays w/ Underworld, Shinichi Osawa, and Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold has one of the most unique rises to fame possible. He became well known in the late 70s in London area and played with popular bands like Earth, Wind, and Fire. Oakenfold moved to New York in the mid 80s and was a talent scout for Champion Records. He signed Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, which led to the explosion of their careers. Soon after, Oakenfold was given a nightly event in Ibiza and his career took off from there. His career developed so quickly, he was often the first DJ to be booked on the mainstage at major European festivals. Along the way, he created Perfecto Records which has achieved immense success and their releases are among the top-selling tracks on Beatport consistently. He’s held countless residencies, rocked festivals around the world, been a guest on numerous radio shows, and DJ’ed for just about any type of act you can think of. Oakenfold is responsible for the integration of electronic music with just about every genre of music in the mainstream. 

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