MYN Mix Logo white  1024x592 *Music You Need Exclusive Mix* Elfkowitz!

Elfkowitz is a man we respect and admire. His sound is truly one of a kind; he’s able to fuse his hip hop influences with bass music and a glitch hop type sound into what he calls Thug Jug and Joobs. You’ll also hear crunk throughout his sets, which is a side-effect of producing hip hop throughout college. He hails from Detroit originally; the birthplace of EDM in the United States, which I’m sure helps elevate his sound even more.

This particular mix is our latest MYN Exclusive, and Elfkowitz has graced us with an all original set. It even has a quick vocal cameo from the man Ben Samples (better known as just Samples), introducing the mix and Music You Need. We are very happy to be presenting this set to you guys, and hope you like it as much as we do! Enjoy!

Track List:
1. Remember The Timez
2. Blew It
3. In Check
4. Can’t Shine
5. Organized Madness
6. The Sky Was All Purple
7. Crobeasts (MCA Tribute)
8. Club Clash
9. Ms. New Booty (Elfkowitz Remix)

Connect with Elfkowitz

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