Tleilux Knife *Artist Interview* d bene tleilax

This week is an exciting feature with some music you’ve never heard before! d bene tleilax is our featured artist, and his moniker is The Tleilax Music Machine, which seems a fitting name considering his type of music. His latest project has been an experimental journey, with new electronic sounds and beats which are completely unlike anything I have ever heard. This is more listening music then electronic dance music, and it combines eerie robot sounds with soothing melodies and beats. Below are the tracks from his latest project, as well as an exclusive interview with the man himself! Check it out and enjoy!

Estoy Listo (Para Cambiar)

Something Magical

Bluebird Artichoke

Haunted Dreams

Hollywood Lovefest

No Yeah Like

Purposeful Realization

Sublimation of an Inclination

My Little Houseboat

Adaptability Quotient

Diabolically Philosophical

Different Levels

You’re Square

the tleilaxu  *Artist Interview* d bene tleilax

Tell me about your history with music: when did you start taking an interest? When did you start creating?

I first got into music through video games…I had a pretty sheltered childhood but I had Nintendo, which everyone knows had awesome music.  I would hold my cassette recorder up to the TV speakers and make mixtapes from the level music then listen to them over and over.  I did that for several years before ever actively listening to anything else.  In high school I had a friend who was really into synthesizers and turned me onto a lot of rad industrial & electronic music. By that time I’d started skating and got into metal and punk.  He had some computer sequencer programs and I saw how accessible it was and soon started doing it myself.  I think the first actual music I recorded was a collaboration with him on a goofy electronic song where we rapped about badminton and how fun it was kicking people’s asses at it.  We gave the song to the teacher, who played it over the gym loudspeakers for everyone in our badminton class. It kinda ruled.

What specifically about electronic music is it that draws you to listen and create?

I think electronic music is pretty clearly the latest stage in the evolution of human expression through technology, as far as music goes, and I think it is supremely relevant to our current state of civilization.  The new musical possibilities it has opened up, such as nearly infinite timbre variations and post-performance rhythms, have never been available to explore until very recently.  As dope as J.S. Bach was, he probably never would have conceived of—or at least never notated—spastic beats like Aphex Twin programmed, and to this day no single drummer or percussionist could ever physically play them.  Even electric instruments like guitars can only partially approach the timbre potentials of electronic music by using synth pedals, for instance.  These newly present elements are fully within the realm of music theory, and are thus highly significant developments!  So to me it’s just a really fun playing field with legitimately new and important psychological implications for all of us.  Sort of like humanity messed around with music for so long they finally unlocked a new achievement.

Where did the inspiration come from for your current music project “Preliminary Forays into Electroneology”?  How did you approach creating the tracks for this compilation?

I play out a lot and make a lot of different types of music, but I’ve officially released next to nothing.  Pretty much unless people have seen me play or know me personally, there’s almost no way they would know or be able to find examples of what sort of stuff I’ve been involved with.  So I primarily wanted to put an album out to finally have at least some sort of representation of the instrumental, experimental dance side of my music online.  Since it’s the first official release of this type of stuff, I wanted it to have a decent amount of stylistic variation from track to track to avoid the more obvious pigeonholing that people tend to do rather quickly.  A lot of the songs are also upgraded versions of extremely old tracks of mine that actually were among my first experimentations with beat-oriented music.  So it’s “preliminary” in many ways.  And I use the word “electroneology” like linguists use the term “neologism”, which means a brand new word….so basically I’m just toying around with the idea of creating previously unheard words in the language of electronic music.

What message were you trying to send with the music from this compilation?

There isn’t really any unified message to this album… each individual track has its own thing to say and its own thing going on.  As with a lot of stuff I do, in some cases it’s pretty open to interpretation.  What I put into it isn’t necessarily what people get out of it, and isn’t even necessarily always what I myself get out of it as time passes.  I feel a certain ambiguity of message is inherent with mostly instrumental music.  It’s definitely more empathic in its communication, ultimately… like, if you can get into this, you can be sure that at least to some extent we share some sort of emotional and experiential similarities.

What goals do you have with your music?

Expanding on that empathic tip, a lot of the purpose is to share my particular angle on the world and allow a glimpse into the weird combination of data that is my personal psychology.  Not exactly an uncommon feature of art.  I view music as valuable life experience, and I try to provide new experiences in that form which people wouldn’t have ever been able to have without my specific take on things.  And generally I’d like it to be one that can hopefully benefit them in some way.  But for me, I can’t deny that making music is somewhat masturbatory.  It’s kind of like I’m cloning a part of my brain and manifesting it externally so I can physically embrace it instead of just think about how it’s inside me.  After I make something I love I’ll often get wasted, play it on loop and cry my eyes out, or feel like a total badass, space way out, or whatever the case may be, all by myself.  It’s highly fulfilling to make shit exactly how I want instead of depending on other people to provide the proper outlet for my own emotions.  I also feel compelled to do it for my own health.

What is your next project?

I’m always working on a ton of music for upcoming events, and I’m also planning a couple parties.  One is a super eclectic dance party on May 5th, which I’ll describe below a bit, and another is a sticker art release party on June 15th.  I’m super into sticker art and did a collaboration with a group called UnityLA to make a sticker series with art from 8 different artists in LA.

What is one thing people should know about you?

I’m a weirdo so always keep that in mind!!!

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Every once in a while I throw electronic parties in LA & I’m doing one on May 5th.  It’s called New Age Party Music and is going to be a crazy explosion of radical experimental electronics flirting with stuff like juke, electro, breakcore, idm, moomba, and who knows what else.  I’m super excited about it & if anyone near LA is looking for somewhere to rage it on Cinco de Mayo, this could be your ticket.  Only 5 bucks too.  Check out the event on FB ( or RA (  Oh yeah and check my website if ya want…..

Thanks for the interview!!

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