kitty record player *New Releases* Frederik Mooij | A.G. Trio | LAZRtag | WhompO | Rainbo

We’ve got some exciting new music releases for you guys today! First up is Frederik Mooij; the well-known Mexican producer and DJ has been hard at work in the studio and has just released his brand new Sky High EP plus a bonus track! Check it out- very electro-house sounding stuff, and very very good.

Frederik Mooij – Sky High EP *OUT NOW

JELO & Frederik Mooij present… Baby Making Music – Sex a Peel – Original Mix

Next up we have A.G. Trio, with their softer house sounding EP titled “Countably Infinite.” A little different from what we’ve heard from them before, but still a great listen. Chill out, and put this EP on play.

A.G.Trio – Countably Infinite **OUT NOW**

Staying on that same trend, we’re going to give you some soft house with a new artist we JUST found named Whomp Zero. His new EP is alllllmost ready to be released, but he’d like YOU to give it a listen on Soundcloud first. If you like it, go check him out!

WhompO- Whomp Zero EP

Now we’re getting a little harder again into the electro house spectrum with LAZRtag’s new track “Jump.” Pretty heavy, with some funky wobbles sprucing up the track, it’s a fun little tune.

LAZRtag feat. Dell Harris – “Jump”

Finally, we have a BRAND NEW artist that goes by Rainbo. He sends some mellow vibes your way with his hip hop, soft glitch hop sounding tracks in his “Volatile” EP. You’re gonna want to give this one a listen.

Rainbo- Volatile EP