It’s taken some time (due to site editing and such) to get this artist of the week feature ready. However, we now have it for you, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! A SLOcal DJ and producer by the name of Matty Miller, better known as BASSESCAPE, gave Musicyouneed an exclusive interview! Bassescape plays a style of electronic music known as Hardstyle, which has a faster tempo then even dubstep, and is heavier and more energetic. Hardstyle shows are explosive, and people are constantly searching for their melted faces on the ground at the end of an event.

We are especially excited about this interview, because this post features a new track produced by Bassescape, and an artist we’ve already featured before; Audiob!t! So, give the tracks below a listen, then check out our full length interview with Bassescape! Enjoy!

It sounds like you’ve been involved with music for a very long time. Tell me what first got you interested.

I got into and started playing music as a kid thanks to my dad who’s been, and still is a drummer for a living. He’s pushed and helped me with my music since my first bands in middle and high school. Both my parents have raised me on awesome music I appreciate and listen to even today! They took me to my first concerts before I could walk, and every year up till now! I love them both very much for it!

What caught your ear about electronic music?

I was playing a lot of metal at the time when I found love for electronic music, bands I was involved with started changing things up by adding electronic sounds and drums, synths and more. I ended up loving the effects and sounds so much I couldn’t resist! Had no clue at the time how big electronic music even was, and when I had my first real experience with one, I was hooked for life. :-)

Why have you chosen to focus on Hardstyle? What is it about Hardstyle that you love?

Hardstyle…Ooooh where to begin! What I live for, my passion, where my heart is with music now. I love all genres in “EDM” and appreciate them all, but hardstyle has this passion, this energy, and love I can’t find with any other music. I’ve always had energy and love jumping and bouncing and shuffling and then feeling calm, peaceful and so happy all in one song, and this genre couldn’t be any better for that! The energy, the passion, the love and commitment fans have for hardstyle is like no other. I LIVE FOR HARDSTYLE BABY!

Tell me about your first time performing live at a show (not just a party).

First time performing I was nervous, yet so amped up to give the area something new. Felt like a lot of pressure being the only hardstyle act, but I was ready for it! People danced and had fun and in the end it was nothing but positive feed back and responses, and Im happy with that.

What goes into the production of a song? Where do you get inspiration?

Lots of time, focus, dedication, motivation, studying, patients, creativity, being open minded, and much more when coming to the production of a song. I get inspiration by being open minded to all music and genres, I listen to music pretty much 24/7 and always have, I love shows and the whole vibe and energy. I’m finding inspiration everyday.

What’s it been like working with Audiob!t?

Working with AUDIOB!T has been amazing, the kid is nothing but pure talent and is a robot when coming to making music. Anything I tell him, mention, try to explain, he’s got it done and ready within seconds! I’ve learned a ton from him, Im in awe how much he’s progressing everyday, he’s going to be a HUGE name out there before you know it, so Im very thankful to be able to work with him!

What goals, if any, do you have for yourself as an artist?

I have several goals, way too many to mention though, hah. I know I plan to keep making music everyday, and play some epic, huge shows with tons of hardstyle fans having the time of their life. I make music and DJ to see people dance, move, feel good, anything with a positive experience!

What are you currently listening to on your iPod?

Currently my iPod has been on a hardstyle mix of new songs, trying to narrow down what ones to use for shows and not. :-)

What is one thing that people should know about you?

One thing people should know about me? Hmmm, Im not some Dj who showed up out of no where just wanting attention or to look cool. I’ve played several instruments and been in many different bands playing several genres of music since I was a kid, I’m passionate about what I do, and do it all for the same reason I always have and always will! x)

What’s coming up for Bassescape?

Playing lots of shows, going to lots of shows, making music, and spending time in the studio is all I want and have planned for me for the next few months. :-)


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