I hope you guys are ready for this… I have FOUR new EP’s for you guys to check out, along with two mixes, and a few tracks thrown in for good measure. I’ve provided FREE downloads for as many of these as I can, so check them out and please enjoy!

First up we have probably my favorite artist at the moment: Zeds Dead. This duo’s new four track EP “Adrenaline” is just as filthy as always, with so much bass it’ll shake your leg hairs (assuming you have them). I have all 4 tracks for download, as well as an EP minimix that Zeds Dead did for us. So nice of them :-)

Zeds Dead- Adrenaline [Download]

Zeds Dead- Hit Me [Download]

Zeds Dead- In the Beginning [Download]

Zeds Dead- Oh No [Download]

Zeds Dead- New Song Minimix [Download]

Next we have 12th Planet’s new EP “The End is Near.” All you’re going to hear is some sick, original disgustingly dirty dubstep. Warning: these tracks will cause seizures, so makes sure you have plenty of headbanging room when you press play. You’re gonna love it.

12th Planet & Antiserum- Ghost [Download]

12th Planet, Skrillex, & Kill the Noise- Burst feat. GMCFOSHO [Download]

12th Planet & Flinch- The End is Near pt. 1 [Download]

12th Planet & SPL- Ratchet Strap [Download]

12th Planet- Jail Break [Download]

Yes they are still coming… the legendary Boys Noize has teamed up with Mr. Oizo for a new project they decided to call Handbraekes. This duo has come out with a four track EP that touches the roots of both artists by providing the smooth and entrancing electro that Boys Noize is known for, while throwing in some tech house flavor from Mr. Oizo. One word: DOPE. Handbraekes EP #1 officially releases 2/6/12.

Handbraekes- Milc (Original Mix) [Download]

Handbraekes- Callgurls (Original Mix) [Download]

Handbraekes- Riho (Original Mix) [Download]

Handbraekes- The Qat (Original Mix) [Download]

Finally we have an EP from the well known ragers they call Cyberpunkers. Their new EP “Epic” comes out February 3rd and is a little slower than the usual, but they are still three bangers nonetheless. Check out the tracks and see what you think!

Cyberpunkers- Epic (Original Mix) [Download]

Cyberpunkers- Dungeon (Original Mix) [Download]

Cyberpunkers- Are You Ready? (Original Mix)

Now that we’ve disposed of the incredible compilation of brand new EP’s to grace the scene, on to some other ridiculous stuff. Each month, A-Track releases a Fool’s Gold Radio mix, and I have included his January mix for ya’ll to listen to and download! A-Trak is flawless as usual.

A-Trak- Fools Gold Radio January 2012 Mix

BONUS: I was exploring many of the Soundcloud artists that I follow, and discovered that Boys Noize literally JUST posted his first ever Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1! TWO HOURS of Boys Noize playing his favorite tracks from 1999-2009. Check it, but make sure you’re ready to clean up the mess from your eargasms later.

Boys Noize- Essential Mix BBC Radio 1 10/10/09

Annnnddddd last but certainly not least, I have some new tracks from some up and coming artists for you guys to check out! Enjoy!

gLAdiator- Brand New (Aylen Remix) [Download]

Knife Party- Fire Hive (Greg Po Moombah Remix) [Download]

Rusko- Somebody to Love (Sigma Remix) [Download]