Recently I featured the artist Fista Cuffs from San Francisco as artist of the week. Ever since, he’s been producing like a mad man and has just released three new tracks for your listening pleasure. The first, titled “Head On,” is super down and dirty, with heavy electro synths throughout, which are characteristic of Fista Cuffs.

Fista Cuffs- Head On

The second track, titled “Rise & Shine” blends some underground hip hop sounds with softer synths, and a smooth bass line. Definitely a lighter listen, but still an excellent track.

Fista Cuffs- Rise & Shine

Finally, we have “Bossa Nova,” which is more of a dubstep track than we’re used to hearing from Fista Cuffs. It’s a slower tempo track, but has some unique and fun leads and harmonics that make the song great. Enjoy!

Fista Cuffs- Bossa Nova


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