tour of horror *Artist of the Week* Figure & The Killabits

HLGN Pro (known for Back to the Beat), and Highbird Productions (known for Good Vibes), have teamed up for their first official event! They are bringing the city of San Luis Obispo the best costume party to ever hit the Central Coast: Figure and The Killabits are coming through to scare the living daylights out of every person at The Graduate on Saturday, October 22nd!

Fresh off the release of his “Monsters of Drumstep” EP, the artist Figure is coming to haunt the streets of San Luis Obispo for one night only! You will not want to miss this event! As part of his Tour of Horror, Figure is traveling with The Killabits all over the country to provide some pre-Halloween fright! I hope you are ready to have the scariest music experience of your life! Muahahahaha…

figure dj *Artist of the Week* Figure & The Killabits


Figure is an artist unlike any other. He has a sound that can only be described as HEAVY. He will start out with thundering bass to pound the listeners’ body to pulp. Then he brings in wicked synths that could shatter glass, quickly dropping into rapid-fire heavy wobbles that cause bodies to convulse. All this, combined with horror movie backdrops from his new EP, and you have yourself a recipe for murder by music. Not long ago, Figure “began making electro house, and he has since become a regular name in the realms of dubstep and drumstep. Scoring positions in Beatport’s top ten charts may have gotten him recognition, but a fantastic amount of praise has been raining down on him lately as some of the leading artists in electronic music have valued his live performance skills as some of the best in the business.”

killabits1 *Artist of the Week* Figure & The Killabits

The Killabits

The Killabits are of a different breed as well. They combine deep pure electronic instrumentals with a variety of vocals to create one of the most unusual, yet entertaining and intricate sounds I have ever heard. You get the image of a Transformer breakdancing, with an artist singing right next to it when you listen to the Killabits. Heavy wobbles, scratchy electronic leads, and powerful bass all contribute to the unique sound. “Coming out of Toronto, Canada where the talent is considered to be atop the international Dubstep & Electro playing fields, this Duo also maintains their weekly co-created event ‘Bassmentality’ This residency has reached international acclaim and has played host to some of the worlds leaders like Nero, Skrillex, Borgore, Doctor P and of course the other half of this events creators Zed’s Dead.”

devrun and john smith *Artist of the Week* Figure & The Killabits

Opening Sets

Opening for these two powerhouses of Drumstep are the up-and-coming founders of HLGN Pro: DevRun and John Smith! Doubling as a production company and DJ team, these two will get the horror-fest started the night Figure hits SLO. A great compliment to each other, DevRun plays a lighter set; with techno and house bangers that always get the crowd dancing. He inserts some original tracks, including bootlegs he has recently finished. John Smith comes in on the other spectrum, playing darker, more electro-infused techno and house music, while throwing in the occasional dubstep or tech-house track. Both artists add a dynamic and exciting sound to this show, and are sure to melt some faces!

With all of these incredible artists in store for ONE NIGHT, there’s absolutely no other show you are going to want to see the weekend before Halloween! What’s more is that HLGN Pro and HighBird Productions have decided to put some skin in the game and offer FREE TICKETS to the Saturday lineup of HARD Haunted Mansion (tickets are worth $70.00) in LA on October 29th!!! All you have to do is purchase your Figure ticket ($20.00) online or from a HLGN Street Teamer and attend the show!


 *Artist of the Week* Figure & The KillabitsHLGN Productions is a company inspired and brought together by music. We have built our foundation in San Luis Obispo but have DJs from all over come together as one. Our goal is to give each of our guests memories that will last a lifetime by providing the most professional, and memorable dance music events for all to enjoy!

HLGN Pro Website 

HighBird Productions:

highbird logo black1 150x150 *Artist of the Week* Figure & The KillabitsNo genres, just good music…

Inspired by music, we aim to share that same inspiration with others through a wide platform of media. We consider every guest a part of our HighBird family and strive to give each person a unique experience every show they come to. We have built our foundation in Ventura County, but we are intent on maturing into an internationally minded and recognized event production company. Our goal is to remain cutting edge while astonishing our fans with each show.

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Check Out These Tracks from all the Artits BELOW!!!


Figure- Michael Myers is Dead (Original Mix)

Figure- Beetlejuice (Dubstep Mix)

Figure feat. Gangsta Fun- The Mummy (VIP Edit)

Figure feat. Kanji Kinetic- Frankenstein (Original Mix)

Figure- Aliens (VIP Edit)

The Killabits

Figure- The Werewolf (The Killabits Remix)

Zeds Dead & The Killabits- Bassmentality

Ephixa- Dubstep Killed Rock & Roll (The Killabits Remix)

John Smith

John Smith- CON10UUM Mix


DevRun- The Saga Vol 1