I have decided to do a THIRD artist of the week in light of recent events. That person is the DJ and Producer AUDIOB!T! I recently reached out to AUDIOB!T after I saw him perform live at CON10UUM in San Luis Obispo at the Graduate. I knew I wanted to have an interview with him because his set scorched my face and word on the street was that he’s pretty talented. By the way, congratulations to him and Philthy Rich for winning the DJ competition! Check out AUDIOB!T’s set that helped him win!

AUDIOB!T’s actual name is Anthony Belmonte, and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy. He was very humble, even when I first contacted him for an interview, and especially in person when he gave me an hour of his time. We sat down outside the Starbucks in downtown SLO, and Anthony opened up about his music, his goals, and some of his opinions.

A little background on Anthony: he was born in SLO county (making him a SLOcal), went to Morro Bay High School and Cuesta College, and he’s been playing guitar since he was 7 years old. He also plays the bass, drums, and keyboard. After a few attempts at starting a band with his friends, he became frustrated by the efforts; mainly because he found that other people weren’t taking the band seriously enough. People were missing practice and being flaky, and so Anthony essentially settled to play an instrument on his own. It wasn’t until attending Together As One in 2007,where he had the opportunity to see the likes of: Evol Intent, Sasha & Digweed , and Deadmau5, that his world was changed forever.

After TAO, Anthony had the world open up to him because he realized something that most of the artists performing had in common: they were on stage by themselves. One person could control every aspect of the song? It was fairly revolutionary to Anthony, and since he enjoyed having creative control over his music, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Anthony began experimenting with music production and recording software such as Garageband and FL Studio, and it didn’t take long for him to hone his skills and progress to Logic and Reason. The experience he had with guitar helped him learn quickly; because he already understood important musical concepts such as BPM and counting measures.

From there, Anthony moved on to DJing, and he took the knowledge of music creation with him and threw in original tracks at events where he was one of the headliners. His DJ experience isn’t extensive (about a year of performing live shows), but already he has played alongside some incredible artists including: LMFAOShwayze, Chris Young The Rapper, LA Riots, Peace Treaty, Lucky Date, We Bang, K Theory, and many others. Obviously, AUDIOB!T is no slouch; he can absolutely play, and people are noticing.

So what makes Anthony’s sound so unique? He plays a variety of dance music styles including drumstep, electro, house, dubstep, and even remixes of songs from artists like Rage Against the Machine. The beauty behind playing such a diverse spectrum of music is that you are never limited to the event you’re at or the particular style of one song; as long as you can transition the music properly, the crowd will always be excited to hear what’s next. That’s where Anthony’s talents are: in creating a seamless flow from one song to the next without ever losing the audience’s attention or letting them lose their groove.

As for Anthony’s original music, I’ve listened to everything on his Soundcloud, and wow. Just wow. His humility shocked me even more. His tracks are absolutely worthy to be released, and will make you turn your speaker volume all the way up. He creates his own leads, bass-lines, synths, and even some of his own drum sets, and all of what I have heard is produced exceptionally well. What I particularly like about his original tracks are again obviously his diversity of sounds, but there’s more than that. He has incredibly original introductions to all of his songs that instantly get the listener pumped. From there, he takes you on a journey of quick bass hits, intricate leads that rise and drop without notice, unique vocals scattered throughout, and heavy drops that get your feet moving and body rocking.

When Anthony is playing music at live shows, his goal is to “make it more of a concert experience rather than a ‘rave,’ and to make it go from calm to chaos  with unexpected song transitions and sampling,” and he certainly achieves that. He also mentioned that he is currently working on changing his current DJ setup into something different and more “live.” His goal is somewhere between Deadmau5 and Pendulum’s live performances.

I asked Anthony where his inspiration comes from, and he didn’t really have an answer; he said it ‘just comes.’ I guess that’s all you can ask for when you are creating your own music and trying to make it big. He did mention that after shows he attends, he will hear a particular style or technique that he likes that he will attempt to duplicate, and then add his own flavor to it. Also, he mentioned Rusko as one of his major inspirations because of his original sound and the diverse range of music he makes. Other influences of Anthony’s music include: Sublime, Pendulum, Skrillex, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix, which all add to his unique and varied musical sound.

During our interview, I wanted to find out about his interactions with other DJ’s and promotion groups. He was officially recruited to “805 Bass Militia” earlier this year (a group of talented DJ’s/producers  from the central coast area such as FTK, Dionysius, Groove Munk, DJ Lytic, and Travisty). However, even within SLO, there is a little bit of rivalry between groups and especially DJ’s. There isn’t hostility, but I have seen slight animosity expressed from some, so I thought I should ask Anthony about it and what he thought. I wasn’t surprised to hear that he didn’t get involved with any of the drama, which gave me even more respect for the artist. He told me that some DJ’s were cocky about their performances when they were mostly playing other people’s music (as does he), and he just doesn’t agree with it. He would rather just go out and have a great time making the crowd get up and dance all around.

Towards the end of the interview, I asked Anthony what his goals with his music are. He said that he is looking to further his education at MI (Musician’s Institute) in Hollywood, CA. Ultimately, he would like to continue performing at shows with big name headliners (he is currently lined up for a performance opening for Laidback Luke andZeds Dead on Wednesday, October 26th in SLO!!!), and eventually build up his musical repertoire and credentials to the point where he will be signed by a label. Music is Anthony’s main focus right now in life (as well as his girlfriend Jordan), and he is set on a path to success.

My last question for Anthony was ‘if there was one thing people knew about you, what would you want that to be?’ His answer was perfect. He said ‘just that I’m a regular guy, and I love going out playing shows having a good time, and I love meeting my fans.’ See, like I said, a very nice guy. I feel lucky to have met Anthony, and wish him the best of luck in pursuing his already promising musical career.

Make sure to check out his Soundcloud to hear original and remixed tracks!

Check out his website for more info and for booking!

Get your tickets for Laidback Luke/Zeds Dead here!

Finally, I have attached a video of CON10UUM in SLO, which shows him very briefly, but definitely shows the kind of crowd that he and artists like him bring. Enjoy!